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Muscle Car Commercials from 1969
1969 TV commercials showing Pontiac GTO, Ford Mustang Mach 1, Lincoln Mercury Cougar and Plymouth Roadrunner.

Mercury Cyclone 1970 GT 429 V8 4 BBL - Forgotten American Muscle
Mercury Cyclone 1970 GT 429 V8 4 BBL - Forgotten American Muscle It was anything but an old man's car. We’ve always had a thing for Mercury, Ford’s now defunct premium brand. Founded in 1938 by Henry Ford’s son, Edsel, the idea behind Mercury was for it to be a competitor to the likes of Buick, Oldsmobile and Chrysler’s then DeSoto brand. Ford would be for the common man, Lincoln for the wealthy man. Mercury was for the up and comers. The Edsel brand? Well, it only lasted for three models years. And that, more or less, is how it went for several years. Many great Mercurys were churned out, such as the Monterey, Montego, and Custom.In 1967 the Cougar was launched, giving Mercury its own pony car alongside the Ford Mustang. Still though, Mercury had a constant struggle t find relevance in a crowded field, and something new and different was needed in order to get some much needed attention. Follow me on G+: Subscribe my channel and like, share or comment if you like this video!

1962 Mercury Monterey S-55 406/405HP Tri-Power 4-Speed Barn Find Muscle Car
30-Year stored barn find, just unveiled. Very rare full-sized American Muscle Car, the 2nd half of the model year 1962 brought the introduction of FoMoCo's top production engine, the 406/405HP 3x2bbl. V8 shoehorned into the Mercury Monterey. It is said that less than 124 of these full-sized Mercurys were special-optioned with this powerful triple carbureted motor, paired with the factory 4-speed manual and special order 4.11 axle. This is a Mercury holy grail, fresh from a 30-year barn storage approximately 10 years ago. The car received a partial restoration and is now available for sale. We hope you enjoy this informal video of a special classic car, the 1962 Mercury Monterey S-55 G code 406 Tri-Power. Special thanks to Bill Daughtry - Samspace81

1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone FOR SALE 289 C4 Underrated American Muscle car!
1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone 289 4v C4 Yellowmist What a super solid great all-american muscle car. So underrated, so cool! Intersted? - contact me at