AMS Alpha12 GTR 1/4 mile on Pump Gas - Video # 2 - NAGTROC Drag Event at PBIR - Road Test TV ® Video #2 of Alpha12 AMS Nissan GT-R. This is a pump gas 1/4 mile drag race of a GTR with the complete Alpha 12 package plus AMS Ported Throttle Bodies, Prototype Intake manifold and Prototype Race Intercooler kit.

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Alpha Omega AMS GTR vs BlownBlueZ06 at Texas Invitational
Missed a gear with no hope for the GTR to do that. Can't say it would have mattered, but it wouldn't have looked as bad. Texas invitational 04-2012 C6Z vs C6Z. Roll racing event. Included supercharged, turbocharged and Nitrous fed Corvette Z06, Lamborghini, Ford GT and Mustang, Nissan GTR and more. Sponsored by LMR and Underground racing including Alpha Omega GTR, SW owned Underground Twin turbo Lamborghini and a few other Underground cars, Lethal Performance, LMR's Ole Betzy, 5-Liter Eater, User_Name, Dallas Performance, BlownBlueZ06, White Lightning, Amar, Dynosaur by Ross Baird and crew, the members from One Percent, and the Houston crew.

Nissan GTR Alpha 12 shooting again

8 second 4g63 S2K drag race, 8.93 @ 155mph - Infamous Performance 2012 DSM Shootout
Tercio Botelho getting his 4g63 S2K dialed in big time at the 20th DSM/EVO Shootout in Norwalk, OH. August 17th-19th, 2012.

Alpha 12 GTR goes 8's (1st in Florida!)
Godzilla GTR attacked Palm Beach International Raceway! This monster of a GTR is strapped with AMS Alpha 12 turbos, 4.1L Sonny Bryan Billet Crank, Shep trans, SYVECS S8 Ecu, and incredibly is full weight... weighing in at 4150lbs! Full mod list: 2009 Super Silver. Accelerated Performance custom 4.1L Sonny Bryan Billet Crank build. Accelerated Performance Racing Heads / Cams. Sheptrans Fully built Tranny/ Promax clutch/ 1-6 PPG gears/ all misc. Driveshaft Shop Axles Driveshaft Shop Rear Axle Stubs. ETS Racing Intercooler Kit / Tial bovs. Greddy R35 Intake Manifold. Greddy Big Bore Throttle Bodies GTC Titan 104mm Titanium Exhaust. AAM 3 PUMP E85 Fuel System/ Fuel rails. ID2000 Injectors. SYVECS S8 Ecu tuned by Chris Black AMS. AMS Alpha 12 turbo Kit.