CNC Cylinder Head Repairs

15D CNC Ported Racer Pro Hd Repairs . These Hds are Australian designed . They flow as good as any 15D hd and are a superb casting for modifying.

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Opel Vectra head resurfacing
My tool was loose on the first pass which made the tool bite a little. This head had a small scratch under the steel seal ring. I wonder why. Using a reground Sandvik insert. I used around 0,2mm/rpm for roughing and 0,13 for finishing. Alcohol for coolant.

BDA Cylinder Head Repair after valve and seat damage
BDA Cylinder Head Repair by Vulcan Engineering after valve & Seat damage.

Cast Iron Crack repair
Repairing crack in casting using LOCK-N-STITCH Inc. C2F stitching pins.

How to fix non structual rust without welding
How to patch rust holes permanently without welding.