23t altered

1/8th mile pass and coast through in the 1/4,track too slipery for a full pass.

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'32 Bantam Altered 565 blown alcohol
July 26,2014 Alaska Raceway Park Scott Granus makes a pass in his altered. Sorting the car out with the new blown power plant.

23 Altered Burnouts and Engine Breaking in - SBC 355
Just having some fun with 23 Altered and burnouts on SBC 355 mild cam.

#95 Hawaii Motorhead Magazine Hilo VW Bug-In 2013 Wheel Stands
Big Island Auto Club VW Drag Racing April 2013 Delbert Crivello's Crazy Wheel Stands

Drag car 23t altered constructed by TOOTEES
http://www.tootees.com This 23 T with a Hairy Glass body, was 135 w.b. all hand made front body, wings everything built in house. www.tootees.com Car is now in Seattle with the 4th owner, it sold each time for more than it cost to build and won enough to cover the initial cost with all three owners. The gentleman in Seattle loves it, and is on his way to winning what he paid for it. Consistent, reliable, winner.