SRT-4 Minivan Burnout

SRT-4 Minivan burnout (22psi)

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Turbo Minivan vs Mustang 5.0
Update 10-17-13 Since this is my most viewed video I thought I'd share, the minivan is much quicker now, even without the driver error he'd have a hard time keeping up. This was a fun race. Best time to date

2014 Toyota Sienna SE Update Walk Around Video - Minivan A more detailed walk around video of this van, click the link.

The Best Minivans for 2015
They’ve got quite a following, and I continue to think that in terms of moving humans around in the most efficient way and effective and comfortable way, anytime you can put a box on wheels, you’re going to have the most interior space available. There’s just no getting around the basic physics of the situation. So when you have a minivan that’s got lots of nice options in it and it’s quiet and it’s easy to get in and out of because of the big sliding doors, there’s just no better way to move humans.