PEARL WHITE Short Bed Chevy C10 Silverado Truck on 28" Forgiatos - 1080p HD

A Pearl White Chevrolet Silverado, Custom 10, Short Bed, sitting on some Forgiato Tello 28's! Face on the rims painted to match, chrome lip! Short Bed was NICE! Paint was white with a blue pearl, and had a hint of bowling ball paint in it. Had a custom Forgiato grille made for the truck too! Interior looked to be grey suede and leather, and had a sunroof on it! It was nice. At Forgiato Fest 2012 in Miami, FL

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85 c10 swb on 30 inch dubs
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WhipAddict: Chevy C10 Silverado on MTW Twisted 28s by One Stop Automotive
@danjr76 80 body Chevrolet C10 Short Bed came to Atlanta for Stuntfest Weekend! EVERYTHING has been touched on this one. Full Custom interior, brake upgrades, custom paint, chrome front with the lit Chevy symbol. The MTW Twisted 28s finished it out and set it apart! Done by One Stop Automotive in Texas!

1986 Candy Red Chevrolet Silverado on 26" Dub Shokka
Real Clean Candy Shortbed sitting on a fresh set of 26" Dub Shokka's ! Wet ass Candy paint , Digital dash, custom interior Bed && LS Swap ! One of the Best inside the v-103 Car and Bike Show ! Pics soon at on Instagram @WhipsbyWade && Facebook

WhipAddict: Kandy Teal 83' Chevy C10 on 26' Forgiato Dreas, Custom Interior
Atlanta Fall Fest: @tfree1983 Came all the way from Mississippi to Georgia to show off his sweet C10 Silverado! Painted Kandy Teal, clean chrome grill, grey suede custom interior with bucket seats, sittin rite on brushed Forgiato Drea 26s! 383 motor under tha hood(not shown)! This is a complete build and was in the Top 3 for Best Of Show! Salute tha homie for coming out with a great Whip!