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SCCA ITS Porsche 924 Regional Race at Gateway Part 1

Part 1 of the 2007 Spooktacular SCCA Regional Race in the Trackpedia.com Racing 924 SP1.


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SCCA ITS Porsche 924 Regional Race at Gateway Part 2
Part 2 of the SCCA race in Rob's Porsche 924 SP1. Trying to chase down the triumph ahead of me but just can't match the gap he pulls around the oval.

2011 Fresno SCCA Autocross Event # 9 at Castle AFB (3rd Run)
This run featured the DSP, ESP, FSP, OSP, ST, STR, STS, and Fun Runs classes. In order of appreance and with time-stamps (Click the time in blue to Fast-forward to that particular car ! =) #777 1986 Porsche 924S 0:28 # 7 1992 Mazda Miata 1:47 #117 2008 Corvette Z06 3:11 # 1 2006 Mitsubishi Evo 4:28 # 245 2001 Honda S2000 5:54 # 14 1990 Honda Civic 7:15 # 777 Run 2 8:33 #181 2011 Shark 6 9:48 #777 Run 3 10:51 #7 Run 2 12:06 #777 Run 4 13:21 Results can be found at http://www.fresnoscca.com/results/2011/2011-Event9fin.html

Blackhawk Farms SCCA National Race - Trackpedia.com Stohr F1000 with John Stecher driving
A collection of the main moments from the Carl Mueller SCCA National Race May 17, 2009 at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Beloit. This was my first trip to Blackhawk and I got a crap start mainly because I had a ton of rocks embedded in my tires from where we paddocked and I was too lazy to pick them out. Once the tires came in I had a lot of fun making my way back up through the field.

Stohr F1000 at Autobahn Country Club - John Stecher
Me and my F1000 running the last race I could in 2008 at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet. I ended up breaking an a-arm in qualifying and didn't realize it when we rolled out for the race because the powder coating held it together until it came apart during the race.

Porsche 924 Mallory 2011 Future Classics. In car video.
Porsche 924 racing at Mallory Park Circuit in UK. Future Classics Series run by CSCC, (Classic Sports Car Club)

Corvette ZO6 and Porsche GT3 at SCCA Comp School
This is my Honda S2000 playing with a a Corvette ZO6 and Porsche GT3 during the SCCA double driver school. The three of us agreed to keep close and mix things up as we worked through traffic.

2009 SCCA June Sprints F1000 Qualifying Lap in a Stohr F1000 - John Stecher
This is my one good qualifying lap in Q2 at the 2009 June Sprints in my Stohr F1000. Ran a 2:14.7 which is about 2 seconds off my best time here but overall was happy with the result and starting on the second row. Really gotta solve the understeer in T3 and T12!. Thanks for all the help Lindsay, Eric (and family), John, Michelle, Mark!

Last to first - Gateway SCCA SRF Racing
Watch in HD! (camera was lower res, apologies) July 31, 2010, driver Denny Stripling in SRF #4, Dash race at Gateway International Raceway, or "When your car is more of a 'dance partner'". This was my first time at this track and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, considering the fact it's a roval. (keep reading) This race was Saturday afternoon and start times were based on fastest lap from the earlier races. Multiple classes were combined (Spec Miata, IT, SRF, Showroom Stock, etc) for a field of 29 I believe. I started last with the fastest time of the day. Based on 18 laps (if I recall), I started about 3:30 behind the first car to go out, with all the other cars going out between he and I based on the gap they needed so that theoretically we'd all cross S/F at the checkered simultaneously. The SRF's were the last race group before this race so we only had about 20 minutes to cool down and get a drink before we had to report to the grid for the Dash. Cars, drivers, and especially tires were still hot and greasy. Ok maybe the drivers weren't "greasy" but you get my point. Ambient was well into the 90's with pretty good humidity. My car had a known shock issue (I've had them rebuilt since then and can really tell a difference) which lead to a fair amount of instability. The tires I ran were from 3 different sets, all throwaways and all beyond what I would have expected to be their competitive life. As the race goes on, you can see what a handful the car was (watch the white line on the steering wheel to track my steering input). A quick description of the track, based on how I would number the corners: - T1 coming off the oval, 5th gear in SRF, approximately 110MPH. On a flier I would turn the car left and then breathe the throttle a touch to get some front grip, then back on it. The transition to the infield is nasty (I flatspotted two fronts during the weekend trying to determine how deep you can get in there). Get on the binders right at the transition, modulate for the bump, then hard back on them and down into 3rd for T2. T2 - mid-3rd gear left hander. T3 - entrance to high speed esses. I had to breathe my car in 4th gear to get the nose to bite on entrance. On good tires, this would undoubtedly be flat out. T4 - RH exiting esses, the exit on the far left hand side is off camber so the car drifts a bit. T5 - flat out 4th gear LH to set up for T6 T6 - hard, quick brake, flick to 3rd, and hard back on the gas for the long open radius RH run to T7 T7 - no visible markers for reference, get on the brakes (left foot for me), get the car as square as possible as you've been turning right the entire time since T6, and head into 7. T7 was a nightmare for me all weekend from a grip perspective. It was a fight all the way through there every lap it seemed. T8 - LH onto the oval. Low 3rd gear, late apex, important corner setting you up for the run onto the oval which is flat out in an SRF. This was a great race and I really enjoyed the chance to pass so many cars in such a short period of time (several of them multiple times!). Thanks so much to the St Louis Region of the SCCA who put this event on, to the awesome corner workers who allow us to do what we love to do, and to the other excellent drivers in this race who were observant, intelligent, and courteous. A great event overall. Hope you enjoy!

SCCA ITS Toyota Supra - Victory #2 @ Willow Springs Raceway
Scott Webb drove to his second consecutive victory of the 1992 SCCA Cal Club ITS championship behind the wheel of his 1984 Toyota Supra. Starting from second position, Webb took the early ITS class lead by passing Mark Stanton into Turn 1, but Webb would surrender that lead with a bit of oversteer in Turn 3 soon thereafter. Stanton overcooked Turn 2 on the next lap, handing the lead back to Webb for the remainder of the race. Webb still faced challenges, as a blown radiator from another competitor caused much of the field to slide off track in Turn 2 part way through the race.

First trackday with Porsche 924 turbo @ Zandvoort- Vrij rijden
First trackday with Porsche 924 turbo @ Zandvoort on a wet track :-( Have to get used to the dogleg gearbox and the turbo Boost....

Porsche 924 Championship 2007 - Pembrey (race 1)
An exciting race 1 from the Pembrey round of the 2007 UK Porsche 924 Championship.

T1 SCCA race Watkins Glen July 2010
The first several laps of my first race with the Corvette (2007 C6 T1, Phoenix prepared) at the SCCA National race in July 2010. John Heinricy was on pole and broke the track record. I was way too cautious on the start (this race was the first time I drove the car so I was still trying to get used to it) and should have had my bumper right up on the yellow vette, and it cost me a couple laps getting back around traffic. Hero HD camera.

SCCA Race School, 3 22 09 @ NJMP Lightning
SCCA Race School, 03/22/2009 @ NJMP Lightning Circuit. In car video of the final 10 minutes of my Race School, a "rolling start" 5 lap sprint race. I entered this race school driving my friend's 1980 RX7 which runs in SCCA IT7. It's a 30 year old race car that shakes ratlles and rolls down the track, but sticks like "stink on s@%t"! We had a few issues during the weekend, but the car was a blast to drive. (not much torque, but very neutral in the corners and plenty of grip) So thanks to my friends Dave and Ed. and the patience and understanding of thier wives, I now posess a novice SCCA Regional Club Racing license!

BRSCC Porsche 924 Championship Mallory Park 28/09/2008
Second BRSCC Porsche 924 Championship race in Mallory Park on the 28/09/2008

scca pdx c6 corvette gateway international raceway Road Course
Wednesday Night PDX opener. Following a spec miata.

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