Harri Rovanperä & 1953 Studebaker La Carrera PanAmericana 2010 - Äijä Ratissa!

One can't do anything but admire the smooth driving lines and the capability to use every inch of the road of Harri Rovanperä. The Flying Finn and a Rookie that won overall at the 2010 La Carrera PanAmericana Road Race in Mexico. His winning marginal after 2400 miles and 7 days was no more than 14 seconds!!!

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"The Red Studebaker" Raphaël Van der Straten-Mauricio Pimentel en La Carrera Panamericana 2015
Les compartimos el video "The Red Studebaker" de la dupla Raphaël Van der Straten-Mauricio Pimentel, quienes estuvieron luchando por los primeros lugares en todas las etapas de velocidad de La Carrera Panamericana 2015 Video tomado de la página VDS Racing Adventures: https://www.facebook.com/121120867918080/videos/1154078277955662/

1950 Olds, La Carrera Panamericana "LA BUFA"
In car video of the 2000 La Carrera Panamericana 3rd place finish, Turismo Major Class. On the section referred to as La Bufa. Car -- 1950 Oldsmobile Rocket, modified chassis Engine -- 358 Chevy 18deg. race engine Trans -- Richmond R/R 5speed Weight -- 4200 lbs Read end -- Ford 9" Top speed -- 180mph

La Carrera Panamericana 2011 Falcon Catches A Porsche On La Bufa
On La Bufa, the final speed section of the 2011 LCP, Feldkamp and Summerour driving the Team Predator Ford Falcon finish well.

2011 Carrera Panamericana Crash betw 264 Mini and 251 Volvo
Crash at 2011 Carrera Panamericana between Mini Austin and Volvo.