Harri Rovanperä & 1953 Studebaker La Carrera PanAmericana 2010 - Äijä Ratissa!

One can't do anything but admire the smooth driving lines and the capability to use every inch of the road of Harri Rovanperä. The Flying Finn and a Rookie that won overall at the 2010 La Carrera PanAmericana Road Race in Mexico. His winning marginal after 2400 miles and 7 days was no more than 14 seconds!!!

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Pink Floyd - La Carrera Panamericana - part 1/2
This is a documentary that Pink Floyd played the soundtrack to. It was recorded between A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell. It covers the re-visiting in 1990 of the 1950's era road race - La Carrera Panamericana - which celebrated Mexico's opening of the Pan-American Expressway. Nick Mason and David Gilmour are two of the race team drivers. Follow the race from Guatamala to Neuevo Laredo and view the Mexican countryside listening to Pink Floyd. There are 6 new songs on here not heard on any other release ( Pan Am Shuffle, Country Theme, Mexico '78, Big Theme, Small Theme, Carrera Slow Blues ) - By Mr. Mark P. Daniel (Amazon)

El Buick - Hilaire Damiron - Queretaro 2 - Carrera Panamericana 2009
This was certainly one of our fastest stage on the Carrera Panamericana 2009. We were flying, until we break the clutch on last curve... This costs us a lot of time, but still, even though, this is the 5th fastest time of this speed stage !! El Buick's big V8, as powerful as ever, was singing from one curve to the other, as a dark deep Steinway Black Piano would... what a great car. As the fans say, the best sounding LCP (La Carrera Panamericana) car still on the road. See you in 2010... And in the mean time check our site : www.elbuick.com

La Carrera Panamericana Part 3

1950 Olds, La Carrera Panamericana "LA BUFA"
In car video of the 2000 La Carrera Panamericana 3rd place finish, Turismo Major Class. On the section referred to as La Bufa. Car -- 1950 Oldsmobile Rocket, modified chassis Engine -- 358 Chevy 18deg. race engine Trans -- Richmond R/R 5speed Weight -- 4200 lbs Read end -- Ford 9" Top speed -- 180mph