The Ride Show 303 Mud Fest Part 1 "Full Episode"

Preview Of The Complete Ride Show # 303 Mud Fest Part 1

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Drive - Buick Enclave
Award winning automotive journalist Tom Voelk tests the Buick Enclave. The review also includes foot space for his size 11s, bluetooth connectivity (if the car has it), and the ever popular Toliet Paper (TP) test.

2012 Mudfest SUV competition Are you sure the crossover you?re thinking about buying can handle your demands? The members of NWAPA have done your homework for you. Mudfest 2012 brings over two dozen SUVs and journalists together for two soggy days to pick the best rigs in a number of different categories. If nothing else, you?ll learn your vehicle may be more capable than you thought.

Getting the MDX pulled from the mud....
After a long drive out to a remote climbing wall, Joe and I got my MDX stuck in mud almost as deep enough to come up to my waist. We tried everything, and then with limited cell phone reception, a gas light that came on and balled tires, we decided to phone in for help. Enter Jay Young and Baby Lincoln Young. His truck had it's way with good old Darlene.

First Look At The Buick Enclave With Nik J. Miles At Mud Fest
Preview Of The Buick Enclave With Nik J. Miles At Mud Fest