Jet Ski Powered boat Home Made Frankenboat By ROB H.

its a 650cc kawasaki, and im getting 30+mph according to the gps weve used. This was the first run on the lake

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Homemade mini jet boat
Made a 10' aluminum boat with a Kawasaki 1100 engine, about 120hp. It will run 45 mph before the front end starts bouncing, but I'm going to add trim to it maybe that will fix the problem. This was my first test run.

jet jon twin engine
twin jet. still progressing. a test run video to come in spring

Build a "Redneck" Jet Boat,,,, Part 6
A documentation of my project. Hope you enjoy it. Important modification shown in this clip.

Jet Ski powered boat build
I used a 1968 14" crownline boat, and a 1994 wet jet duo 200 for this build. Sectioned the the jet ski bottom and rear into the crownline. I originally cut too much width out of the bottom of the boat and had to add material. It has worked great, and the kids love driving it. Motor got a tuneup and it will do 25 in choppy water with 2 adults, 30mph in smoother water.