Jet Ski Powered boat Home Made Frankenboat By ROB H.

its a 650cc kawasaki, and im getting 30+mph according to the gps weve used. This was the first run on the lake

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Build a "Redneck" Jet Boat,,,, Part 6
A documentation of my project. Hope you enjoy it. Important modification shown in this clip.

Jet Jon Cajun Style - Pt. 1
12' Jon Boat, 587 Sea Doo With Dual Carbuerators!.............To Be Continued!

A dream project fifteen months in the making. Stay tuned for launch... coming 2011...

Jet-Powered Surfboard Propulsion Test
We're building a jet-powered surfboard for our mechanical engineering senior design project. This is a test to see how much thrust we're getting out of the power system that is going to go in the board.