Fiat 500 Air Cooled Power 2

Fiat 500 pulling a wheelie at Santapod Bugjam 2006 2

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Fiat 500 Air Cooled Power 1

Golf Mk3 Twin VR6
Runnin the strip at Bugjam 06

Modified Fiat 500 Abarth - One Take
With this one I'm hoping to change my mind. I didn't like the Fiat Abarth when I first drove one in 2013, but Stacey's is modified in pretty much every way you can modify one of these things, so will I like it now? Check out Stacey's Abarth on WheelWell! 4c1f520a752382c91/specs/

Fiat S76 1911 28.4 litre. Start up and driving Sounds.
The FIAT S76, later known as the FIAT 300 HP RECORD and nicknamed "The Beast of Turin", was a car built in 1911 by FIAT specifically to beat the land speed record held at the time by Blitzen Benz. It has a 4 cylinder engine with a displacement of 28,353 cm3 (1,730.2 in3), and provides 290 hp (216.3 kW). Copied & pasted from Wikipedia