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Incidenti Stradali Lamborghini Car Crash Compilation Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bugatti Crash
Super Car Crash Compilation Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bugatti Crash Videos, incidenti stradali

Funny Fat Guy can't get out of Ferrari - Fail
This fat person has lots of trouble getting out of his Ferrari car and thus struggles in a funny and hilarious way while trying to get out of the door. How did he even get into this awesome car, idk. Funniest fail ever lol ---------------- ORIGINAL VIDEO ON WORLDSTARHIPHOP Lol: Some Cars Just Ain't For Everybody! ---------------- -- INSTAVIDZ LINKS: --- INSTAVIDZ on YouTube: --- Google+:

$250,000 car gets windshield SMASHED by kid on a skateboard!!!
I was catching a video of the sunset saw this McLaren run a stop sign and make a kid fall off his skateboard. You can hear the skateboard in the video. The passenger of the McLaren yelled something at him and the next thing I heard was a SMASH! The windshield was completely shattered. Kid took off running and the passenger ran after him. No idea what ended up happening after the car drove off. I guess the lesson here is DON'T RUN STOP SIGNS! For licensing/usage please contact:

LaFerrari BREAKS DOWN doing Burnouts and Nearly Crashes in Beverly Hills with Porsche GT3!
For licensing inquiries, please email me at Laferrari goes absolutely bonkers in Beverly Hills. He scrapes twice, does an insane pull with the GT3, comes back and blows through a four way intersection and nearly clipping a car. Smoke can be seen from the car when it returned to the house. Police were called. A lot of upset neighbors.... PS: Please excuse my raspy voice, I'm still sick. Oh and I cuss a lot, but I mean it was totally warranted! Facebook: Instagram: