Cobalt SS Supercharged Vs Cobalt SS Turbocharged

Race from a dig.. Rit after school lol... Cobalt sc mods: 3.0 pulley, Gm Performance Catback, K&N Drop in intake filter, Magnaflow Hi flow Cat.. turbocharged mods: Aem Intake, Horrible driver.. Wasnt sure if turbo had more mods, When we popped his hood all we noticed was an intake. we waved as he drove by and asked to race.

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SRT-4 vs cobalt ss
stage 2 srt-4 vs stage 2 cobalt ss, raced three times. have new ones coming pretty soon.. the cobalt is not faster then the srt4.. srt4 just had a bad clutch and was on 11psi..

Cobalt SS Turbo vs Cobalt SS Super
Just a fun practice run between me and a friend at Gateway Motorsports Park in East St. Louis. The supercharged car broke a halfshaft on its first launch on saturday, so both cars were babying their first gears. This was both driver's first day at the track Supercharged Car mods: Magnaflow Cat-Back (resonator blowing out) Airbox Mod Ark Perfomance GT-R springs (stock pulley) turbocharged Car Mods: Full bolt ons and tune, unsure of exact mods currently.

08 cobalt ss turbo launch control/ no lift shift
Another video of me showing you some of the newer features on the 08 cobalt SS turbo. No lift shift and launch control

Shit Cobalt SS Owners Say (MVT inspired)
All the things cobalt ss owners say (muscle vs tuner inspired). Hope you enjoyed