Import Wars - 8-22-2010

Making a pass

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Team Puerto Rico Destroys Team Midwest on 9/12/10 at Great Lakes Dragway
Import Wars at Great Lakes Dragaway in Wisconsin - Sept 12th, 2010. Team Puerto Rico v.s. Team Midwest. Puerto won so often that the final race was between two team puerto rico cars.. hahaha Im a local to Great Lakes Dragaway, and these Puerto Rican drivers and cars are the real deal....very impressive. I dont think Ive ever seen so many rotary engines at this dragstrip. Oh and the first race was of an Evo i liked, it wasnt part of the battle.

Import Wars: Midwest vs Puerto Rico
The annual race against Puerto Rico and the US Midwest in Import Wars at Greatlakes Dragaway. Check out the debut of Don Omar's racecar!

Rotary VW
This type 1 beetle powered by Mazda 13BT rotary engine, it has the power rating of 350HP The owner of this rotary beetle is Delapan Sports Indonesia, sponsored by Sentra Ponsel Indonesia VW beetle (type1) ini menggunakan mesin 13BT rotary dengan power sebesar 350HP. Pemilik mobil ini adalah DelapanSports dengan sponsor utama Sentra Ponsel Indonesia

Import Wars - 8-22-2010
Coming apart off the starting line