2010 accord coupe i4 typhoon intake

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Takeda SRI vs OEM Intake [2010 Accord Coupe i4 AT]
Watch it in HD!!! This is a quick vid with sound clips of the Takeda SRI vs the OEM intake on a 2010 Honda Accord Coupe i4 AT. The Takeda SRI sounds much better when driving, the sound clips in park don't do it justice.

2008 accord i4 magnaflow muffler 14818
just wanted to make a little video of my car that i got this year and what ive done to it with my grocery store salary :)

2010 Accord I4 Weapon R
People wanted to see what the Weapon R Secret Weapon intake sounded like on the 8th gen accord so I did a quick video. First minute or so you can see how quiet it is if you drive conservatively and don't rape the gas pedal. The rest of the driving is just to show how loud it can get. At 2:45 you can see someone getting a DUI at 9 in the morning haha. Also listen closely at a few of the lights you can hear the tires spin and VSA kick in...without VSA you can burn a little tire=]

DIY How to Mod Stock Cold Air Intake FREE - Honda Accord CB7 - Winston Buzon
This is a tutorial on how to modify your stock air intake resonator to bring in cold air without having to change the appearance of your intake system. WARNING: This mod may void your warranty if people look hard enough, so do this AT YOUR OWN RISK! Otherwise, good luck, have fun, and love what you do!