Mazda RX-8 and Miata drifting at night meet

Comment what you think of it! Old video from when I first started going to meets. I sold the car by now, but it was fun when I had it. WARNING: All driving was performed on private property. Do not attempt to duplicate stunts shown in this video. Video is for entertainment purposes only. Illegal street racing, and other illegal motor vehicle acts are extremely dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals with proper safety gear in accordance with local regulations. Drifting the rx-8 at the pike

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Mazda RX8 Toyota MR2 Honda S2000 - Car Wash & Picture Day =]
Http:// Http:// Just me @ThaCooLoser and some peers admiring our knew vehicles on a nice day in Portland metro Oregon areas. 2006 RX8 6 speed 1.3L Rotary engine with 40k miles. 1991 Toyota MR2 2.0L turbo 5 speed 2003 Honda S2000 I don't have full details on their vehicles right now but ill up date it later for the ppl who would like to know =] I used my Canon Power Shot SX230 HS Edited on Sony Vegas Movie studio 11

Modified Mazda RX8 - One Take
The Mazda RX8 was Mazda's last-ditch effort at making the rotary engine a viable option for a mass-market car. With a brilliant, lightweight chassis and body, practical clamshell doors for easy rear seat access, and a 9,000 RPM naturally aspirated engine, we find that the RX8 offers much more chassis than power, even if it is quite fun to rev. This example is owned by a racing instructor, and is modified in the traditional racing instructor way: mostly stock engine, expensive suspension setup tuned softer than expected, and way more brakes than you should ever need. Check it out on WheelWell! 1073d654e0269/specs/

Mazda Rx8 Dyno Day Rx8france 2012 chez KSF
4 passages au banc de Mazda Rx8 chez KSF. Dommage d'avoir les témoins ABS qui s'affichent vu que les roues avant n'ont pas été entraînées, perte de 3 à 7 ch environ. Résultats satisfaisants malgré tout, surtout pour ma 192 bleue avec seulement 18.2% de perte aux roues, merci le pont court 4.77 et la boite 6 de 231.

Mazda RX-8 Turbo, Mx-5 turbo @ Sesi by tuning zone.
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