e36 Bmw 325i keyless ignition

Newly installed completely keyless push button ignition on e36 94 bmw 325i. Here is the link to the wiring. http://www.bimmerwerkz.com/forum/3-series-e36/diy-push-start-ignition-15801.html

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How to wire push button start on Bmw e36
Showing how I did my switch panel and push button start on the 1995 Bmw 325is

BMW E36 Keyless Go Entry, Remote, Start Stop Buton, Alarm, Smart Door & Knock Pad.

Starting my BMW E36 with a chopstick (and push start)
My ignition barrel finally gave in, spinning continuously...So decided to fit a push start instead of paying £££s for bmw parts Before my switches arrived in the post I used a chopstick glued into my ignition switch to get it started (managed to strip the thread of the switch with a screw driver!) Key still required to imobilise and keep EWS happy!!! :)

Bmw E36 93 Replacing ignition shaft and Removing Tumbler with axe saw
PLEASE USE PRECAUTIONS WHEN CUTTING THE HOUSING AS EXCESS MATERIALS MAY FALL INTO YOUR EYES. Another option to remove the Tumbler from its housing, I tried the bobby pin way and it worked on the spare part but on the car was a pain, my thumb was bruised and it still wouldn't come out. I am not sure if there's another way to remove the Ignition Shaft but it came out easily after the spring for the steering wheel lock was removed. Sorry for the long video and good luck.