e36 Bmw 325i keyless ignition

Newly installed completely keyless push button ignition on e36 94 bmw 325i. Here is the link to the wiring. http://www.bimmerwerkz.com/forum/3-series-e36/diy-push-start-ignition-15801.html

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How to wire push button start on Bmw e36
Showing how I did my switch panel and push button start on the 1995 Bmw 325is

BMW E36 Keyless Go Entry, Remote, Start Stop, Alarm, Keyless Go Montaj

Starting my BMW E36 with a chopstick (and push start)
My ignition barrel finally gave in, spinning continuously...So decided to fit a push start instead of paying £££s for bmw parts Before my switches arrived in the post I used a chopstick glued into my ignition switch to get it started (managed to strip the thread of the switch with a screw driver!) Key still required to imobilise and keep EWS happy!!! :)

BMW Key Problem (Spinning Ignition) - MillerTimeBMW - DIY 5
Zach Miller teaches you how to fix BMW's notorious spinning ignition lock problem. Follow Me on Instagram @MillerTimeBMW http://instagram.com/millertimebmw/ If you need help email MillerTimeBMW@hotmail.com