Black Stage 2 SRT-4 With a Few Extras

Hey guys, Here is my friend's black stage 2 srt4 with some extras. He hasa mopar short shifter, aem cai, diablo sport ecu tuner, boomba motor mounts, agp catch can, msd ignition, and some other things that I'm leaving out lol. Enjoy!

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10 sec SRT4 @ 8000 RPMs

Stage 3 SRT-4
Stage 3 + Bolt-ons

srt-4 short take off and high boost pull
my srt-4 doing a lil take off then going into 2nd hitting around 24 psi drops to 19 ish when shifting

Dodge Neon SRT-4 Acceleration 0-100 MPH (STOCK)
Guys check out my channel for my upgrade to a Supra, several racing videos and more coming. 2004 Dodge Neon srt4. Aem short ram intake. Mad dog short shifter, Starts at 6 secs by 12 secs im at 60mph so yeah i did it in 6 seconds meh. All these numbers you find on websites stating srts are 5.5 to 100km/h, most people dont seem to realize those numbers are done in perfect track conditions with trained professional drivers, on perfect tires and brand new running engines. Lol this is just a video i did for fun on a neon srt4 with 150.000 kms already on the motor with half bald tires and probably on a road with numerous loose pieces of gravel, may i also add im no pro driver or have ever been trained lol. People need to open there eyes a bit, just enjoy the video. Prothane lca bushings. 245/45/17 Yokohama Envigors. Boosting peak 13psi. Stock runs mostly were 14.0 to 14.3 A few times got into 13.9 stock, if i could get better launches and better reaction times runs would of been consistent 13.9. Car is sold and now imported a 1993 Toyota Supra RZ, follow my channel as i will be doing videos on my modifications as i go to a single turbo setup. The neon srt-4 ended up being a full bolt on car plus a DSP tune running 20 psi, before i sold it.