Sumopower Nissan GT-R GT1 V8 Sound! with a lot of Backfire!

I didn't expect that this car made such a lovely sound. The backfire was great!

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Sumo Power GTR GT1 startup
GTR GT1 firing up

Running up the Nissan GT-R GT1, this sounds fantastic!!!
Today we ran up the number 23 FIA World Championship winning Nissan GT-R GT1 and it sounded fantastic. If only modern cars could run with no noise restrictions. The first couple of minutes is bringing the cars systems up to temperature so jump to around 3 minutes to hear the car being revved.

SUPER LAP !! #23 JRM NISSAN GT-R Lucas Luhr at San Luis.mp4
this attack was Q3 for Qualifying Race All sectoer time was best lap and #23 got the PP

Corvette C6R sound - brutal accelerations!
This insane Corvette C6r was present during the FIA GT1 races on Spa Francorchamps. The sound was crazy loud! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did seeing this incredible car! At 0:16 it almost blew my ears off my head! Thank you for watching my video! Feel free to leave a comment behind! :)