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Ford Mondeo 1.8 TD (dec. 1996, MK2) Cold start part3

I replaced 2 bad glowplugs (2.nd and 3.rd) and my Mondeo started perfect in the next morning (outdoor temperature -1C) . :)


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Regulador ford mondeo mk2
Por cortesia del compañero Gatillo www.clubfordmondeo.es Funcionamiento del sistema del regulador del relanti del ford mondeo mk2,

Mondeo mkII 1.8TD - 250000 km przebiegu
Proszę o opinię na temat pracy silnika i turbiny. Z góry dziękuje :)

pompa wtryskowa lucas mondeo TD mk II
pompa wtryskowa lucas mondeo 1,8 TD mk II

start escort after months out side in rain.
We got a new solinoide for the engine so we decided to fire her up. The fuel system had water in in and was aired right up. You will be supprised how quick she fires up.

Ford Mondeo 1.8 TD (dec. 1996, MK2) Cold start problem part1
My Ford Mondeo did not cold start on dec. 21.th 2009 in -8 Celsius. Bad quality diesel in the fuel tank.

Ford Escort Van - Diesel Cold Start
Another van in the family, this is a 1994/5 Ford Escort Van with a 1.8 Diesel engine, none turbo. Looks like it's seen a bit of action in it's time, but hey ! it works..... Take a look, see what you think.

Ford Mondeo 1.8td on snow. 2
Ford Mondeo 1.8td on snow. 2

Ford Mondeo 1.8TD 1997r. 310000km

Ford Modeo 1.8 TD (MK2) Cold start with hand help in 0C outdoor temperature.
Bad quality diesel in the fuel tank. Rossz minőségű gázolajjal az üzemanyagtankban. Hidegen indítva nem húz rá az alapjárati dúsítómotor a karra, ezért kézzel rásegítve indul csak jól a Mondi. (a video készítésénél 0C fok volt a kinti hőmérséklet)

Ford mondeo 1.8TD 0-100
Tak przyspiesza moje mondeo z dieslem pod maską

Ford Mondeo 1.8TD Tune Up Special
Right, ford mondeo 1997 on a p plate, 212k on the clock, FLAT as a Pancake, only off to heaven soon so lets open it up. Takes a bit to get her going because i just couldnt be bothered to prime the pump up fully.

Ferrari modena vs ford mondeo 1,8TD. And the winner is...
read article: http://www.poranny.pl/apps/pbcs.dll/article?aid=/20090223/bialystok/2329091 79

Ford Mondeo 1.8TD 0-100
1.8 TD 4 Zylinder 8 Ventile 1753 cm³ 65 kW (88 PS) bei 4500 U/min 178 Nm bei 2000 U/min Topspeed 181 km/h Bauzeit 1993--1996

BRD Truck cold start
BRD Truckings 1987 peterbilt cold start----sub zero temps. with no block heater

Motor Ford Escort 1.8 TD 90cv nomade
Motor Ford Escort 1.8 TD 90cv nomade

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