Ford Mondeo 1.8 TD (dec. 1996, MK2) Cold start part3

I replaced 2 bad glowplugs (2.nd and 3.rd) and my Mondeo started perfect in the next morning (outdoor temperature -1C) . :)

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Ford Escort 1.8 TD 66 kW, cold start -20°C
Ford Escort 1.8 TD 66kW, ranní start -20°C, nabíječka vše vyřešila

Mondeo 1.8 TD (MK2) Cold Start at -9C, 30% bad and 70% premium diesel in the fuel tank
Mondeo 1.8 TD (MK2) Cold Start at -9C, 30% bad (~5l) and 70%(~10l) premium diesel in the fuel tank. Yesterday morning did not start my Mondeo with the bad quality diesel.

2007-2012 Ford Mondeo 2 0 TDI fuel filter change
This is my first attempt to change a fuel filter on my Mk4 2008 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDI. You will need to purchase a diesel hand pump (about £7) and some clear plastic pipe to prime the fuel lines after replacing the filter. It's a little more difficult than doing a Mk3 where if you fill the new filter with fuel the engine will start first time.

pompa wtryskowa lucas mondeo TD mk II
pompa wtryskowa lucas mondeo 1,8 TD mk II