Matsuda Racing's Blown Alcohol Fiat Altered

Blown alky 372 SBC, 6-71, AFR 190cc street heads, stock case 'Glide. The camera is a GoPro Hero with rollbar mount. The sound recording is set on "LO."

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Matsuda Racing's Blown Alcohol 427 BBC '48 Fiat Altered
Hopped up the tune up and she became a bit unruly like an altered should. Kauai Raceway Park.

NHRA Advanced ET (Top Dragster) License Upgrade
Matsuda Racing's blown alcohol 484 Hemi rear engine dragster. Upgrading from my NHRA 4A to a 3A Advanced ET (6.00-7.49) license.

Matsuda Racing's Blown Alcohol 427 Big Block Chevy '48 Fiat Altered
1st round eliminations against Kevin Rapozo and a wild ride. Clips by Gerald Preston Sr. and Angel Santiago III. Kauai Raceway Park.

Blown Alcohol Big Block 440 Wedge Mopar GoPro HD
1st time out with the 440 Chrysler wedge on a mild tune up in Matsuda Racing's '48 Fiat altered at Kauai Raceway Park. Still sorting it out. GoPro HD set at 960p with open back.