Road Legal HammerHead on/off road 250cc Buggy for sale £2500

Road Legal HammerHead 250cc Buggy Comes with set of off road tyres and wheels Electric winch remote kill switch for safety no MOT needed for next 2 years comes with all paperwork TAX until 01.05.2014 (£140 a year) only 746 miles on the clock indicators comes with manual and paperwork perfect for on road and off road use private number plate will be removed and replaced with HX12BVZ

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HammerHead 250ss Review
Brought Out The HammerHead After 5 Months, The Ignition Switch Is Buggered, ***UPDATE *** FIXED!

off road mini buggy kawasaki ninja 250
banging gears down the country road!

HammerHead 250ss swamp Rompin
Taking the HammerHead threw some water, testing the capabilities. Crazy Dune Buggy 250ss Fun

BMS 600cc Cherry Bomb Dune Buggy BMS-CB-600
Looking for a dune buggy with consistent power and performance on virtually any terrain? Check out the BMS 600cc Cherry Bomb! Designed for older teenagers and adults, this go-kart is built to be ridden hard in even the toughest areas. Featuring a 42 horsepower, 586cc dual overhead cam engine enhanced with electronic fuel injection, the BMS 600cc Cherry Bomb also comes with hydraulic disk brakes on the front and rear, shaft for driving, independent suspension on the rear, and manual five-speed transmission with reverse. BMS takes pride in their go-kart production and delivers only the finest karts that China has to offer. Their attention to detail, unique design, unparalleled performance, and reliable function create a final product that has impressed riders all over the globe. BMS provides truly amazing, high-quality machines at a reasonable price.