Nissan LEAF Sound & Acceleration

Before buying or testing driving a LEAF I never could see or hear what it was like; with this video you can hear all the sounds

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The All New 2015 Nissan Leaf Interior And Exterior Review
Entering its fifth model year, the 2015 Nissan Leaf is by far the world's best-selling electric car. It still looks the same as it did when the first 2011 model was launched, but there are dozens of incremental improvements under the skin. The most notable change for 2015 is a revised lithium-ion battery chemistry that is said to be far more tolerant of high surrounding temperatures, along with a small number of minor feature updates. The styling of the five-door compact hatchback remains unusual and polarizing. Some like its sloping front, with a central door over the charging ports where a grille would be, flanked by bug-eyed headlights swept back almost to the base of the windshield, with transparent vertical fins that channel air around the car to reduce its drag. At the rear, vertical ribbons of LED taillights flank the tailgate. Inside, the interior is more conventional, with an overlay of Space Age or futuristic styling found in the mushroom-like drive selector and the various digital displays of running information. A Nissan Leaf's powertrain is pretty simple: The 24 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, mounted below the cabin floor and under the rear seat, sends electricity to an 80-kilowatt electric motor that drives the front wheels. As in a hybrid, the motor also serves as a generator to recharge the battery during regenerative braking, returning otherwise wasted energy to the battery. A 2015 Nissan Leaf drives and operates just like a normal car, though many controls feel slightly remote, because virtually everything is electrically actuated. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is a bit less than 10 seconds, though it's hard to gauge how slow or fast the acceleration is because there's no transmission to shift and the Leaf's electric drive is exceptionally quiet. Top speed of the 3,200-pound car is limited to 90 mph. The Nissan Leaf five-door hatchback is easy to drive, keeps up with traffic, carries four people comfortably and five when needed, and comes with all the usual features and accessories found on any other compact car.

This is what a Nissan Leaf REALLY sounds like
I put my Samsung Galaxy II in the engine compartment of my Nissan Leaf and drove around a bit to see what it really sounds like... enjoy.

Nissan Leaf Nismo Acceleration 0-100 Testdrive
Nissan Leaf Nismo electic car - testdrive with 0-100km/h test. Hello and welcome to the "Car Acceleration TV" youtube channel. The electric motor under the hood delivers 80 kW / 109 hp and a decent torque of 254 Nm. The Leaf accelerated test in 9.64 seconds from 0-100km/h - felt you go faster. The top speed is electronically limited to 144 km/h. It also exists in the Nismo version with sporty accent. Do you like this video? Please visit my youtube car channel for best electric cars especially Tesla Roadster, Model S..., drive & grip, fast acceleration and top speed videos, testdrive videos, drive with top gear, car reviews, classic cars and much more. or subscribe

2015 Nissan Leaf S
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