Nissan LEAF Sound & Acceleration

Before buying or testing driving a LEAF I never could see or hear what it was like; with this video you can hear all the sounds

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This is what a Nissan Leaf REALLY sounds like
I put my Samsung Galaxy II in the engine compartment of my Nissan Leaf and drove around a bit to see what it really sounds like... enjoy.

Nissan Leaf on Fifth Gear
Guest presenter and electric car guru Robert Llewellyn tests the eco-friendly Nissan Leaf.

Nissan Leaf runaway acceleration
Under certain conditions, the Nissan Leaf will apply full power even when the pedal is pressed only a small fraction of the way. Needless to say, this is very dangerous - but Incredibly, Nissan tells me this is perfectly normal! I have not experienced this in any other vehicle. So, what do you think - is this really normal? You decide.

Nissan Leaf Portugal Review 2015
Ensaio Nissan Leaf 2015 de Portugal com teste de aceleração e velocidade máxima em marcha atrás! Subscreve o 'The Car Lounge' no Youtube Faz LIKE no Facebook