Nissan LEAF Sound & Acceleration

Before buying or testing driving a LEAF I never could see or hear what it was like; with this video you can hear all the sounds

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This is what a Nissan Leaf REALLY sounds like
I put my Samsung Galaxy II in the engine compartment of my Nissan Leaf and drove around a bit to see what it really sounds like... enjoy.

Nissan Leaf on Fifth Gear
Guest presenter and electric car guru Robert Llewellyn tests the eco-friendly Nissan Leaf.

New Nissan LEAF -- Amaze Your Senses
Packed with our most available advanced technologies, the redesigned next-generation Nissan LEAF will amaze your senses and raise the bar for the electric vehicle market.

Nissan Leaf runaway acceleration
Under certain conditions, the Nissan Leaf will apply full power even when the pedal is pressed only a small fraction of the way. Needless to say, this is very dangerous - but Incredibly, Nissan tells me this is perfectly normal! I have not experienced this in any other vehicle. So, what do you think - is this really normal? You decide.