BOSS 302 vs. Corvettes, HOTLAP Time Trial Series, Firebird West Track

Running in the HL1 class, adjusted power to weight around 9.1 lbs/hp. Skilled driver in a Porsche GT3RS Cup Car won the class, but I came in 2nd, the fastest streetable car. Fast lap of 1:05.140 a new personal best on FIR West for me, as of February 2012.

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BOSS 302 vs. Vette at Firebird East
Track session with my buddies JD and John in their C6, we were driving close! Rearview footage filmed by Michael J. Fox.

Mustang Coyote Engine Swap Road Racing Corvettes & Boss 302
See more about our Project Coyote Swap here: Now that you have seen our 5.0L Coyote enginge conversion Cobra completed and on the Dyno, we thought what better way to break it in than a good day of road racing! Lucky for us Track Guys had an event in our great state of Texas at the Texas World Speedway. It gave us a good chance to stretch the legs on Project Coyote Swap (PCS) and we had the opportunity to put it up against some great competition: Multiple C6 & C5 Corvettes (one with a huge wing!) A few Mustang Boss 302s and plenty of other road course car As you can see from the video, PCS held its own on the course to say the least. It got plenty of friendly "PLEASE PASS ME" points. Comment back and let us know what track you want to see Project Coyote Swap on next! SVE 5.0Resto

Mustang Boss 302 beats Ferrari, R8, M3, Porsche & DBS Test Laguna Seca sport auto Christian Gebhardt
Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca - better braking performance than Porsche 991, faster than Aston Martin DBS, Audi R8, Ferrari California, BMW M3 in Hockenheim. Acceleration, Drifting and fast lap in Hockenheim with sport auto's Christian Gebhardt. More about the muscle car in sport auto 1/2012.

May 2015 Sat Main Race INDE
Starting 2nd overall and 2nd in class; chasing for the lead and being chased all race.