I got my motorcycle stuck in the bathroom...

I guess you could say I "stalled" it! Ha! Talk about a hooligan FAIL. This is unedited and raw, in all its motarded glory... And, yes, I was squidly about my gear in this vid. Helmet, goggles, gloves, boots... and capri's and a tank top... Hey, I was camping. WHY IT WAS IN THERE: It was in there in the first place (which was no easy task, as it didn't really fit through the doorway) because of a very bad storm that had just rolled through. You can hear me say this at 0:25. Normally, I wouldn't care... but this one promised big hail and very strong winds. I've had this thing blow over in a bad storm before. And who wants their bike to get hit with golf ball+ sized hail if they can avoid it? :)

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My Mother's Reaction to my Ninja 250... (hidden camera!)
UPDATE!!: **I no longer have the Ninja 250. I have a supermoto. See video response for walkaround** (Annotations on for subtitles/dialogue boxes) My arrival from KC via motorcycle was a complete surprise to my parents, as they had no idea I had even bought a motorcycle. My extended family was all in on it, however, so I rode to my aunt and uncle's house, and we invited my mother over. Her reaction has been filmed. My personal favorite is my 83-year-old grandma saying how badly she wanted to ride my motorcycle. LOL. Mom wasn't terribly happy with my choice, but is happy that I'm happy. She's also glad I ride responsibly.

How I Broke My 250 Supermoto
I forgot to mention the two winters of daily commuting it endured (road salt, snow, and extreme temps). This bike has been ridden in a wide range of weather, environments, and scenarios. It's been dumped a few times. As they say, "Track, dirt, street, stairs, and tomorrow's a brand new day." Still, couple all that with heavy modifications and abusing the bike well beyond what it was designed for... and 30,000 miles in 2 years becomes very taxing on the poor beast. There are some epic pictures of it on my Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thefriendlyhooligan Don't worry-- it's getting rebuilt. New transmission bits, new top end, Dyno tuning the carb... Should be golden in a few more weeks! I miss it terribly.

How to Pick up Your Motorcycle... like a girl [LJ's Archives]
"Learn to laugh at yourself, or others will do it for you." Remixing some old classics. Trolls were getting out of control, and the old intro music I used to use was not kosher per YouTube (no idea where I found the song originally and no way to contact the artist for permission). So, let's start over! And no more moderated comments! *balloons! confetti!* Oh, and for the record, it was not "one rock." There were dozens. Ergo, I picked up one of the rocks and "made an example of it." That'll learn 'em. Dumb rocks. ORIGINAL VIDEO DESCRIPTION: And, frankly, how to drop it like a girl. This is in the "how to and style" category, because not only do I demonstrate how-- I do it with style. I have over 11,000 miles on 2 wheels, and this is my most serious incident yet. I ride safe and do my best to keep it shiny side up. But, mistakes happen. Hopefully, I am the sort who learns from them. The best I can figure, my rear tire went nut-zo on the rocks, and I in turn when a little nut-zo on the front brake. I don't remember grabbing it, but it wouldn't have taken much, with my back tire already losing traction and the front tire already turned... Glancing down as it happened certainly didn't help. Target fixation FTW! It's everything I know not to do, and everything I practice and drill not to do... *sigh* Any questions?

Life Without a Car- and yelling at the weather (motovlog)
I guess you could say I was... carrying on. Heh. My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thefriendlyhooligan