BMW X5 xDrive 40d 3.0 R6 Bi-Turbo 306 Hp 237 km/h 147 mph 2012 * see also Playlist

Fantastic Black BMW X5 xDrive 40d 3.0 R6 Bi-turbo 306 Hp 237 km/h 147 mph 2012 * see also ''2014 BMW Car Models'' ''BMW 4 Serie Coupe' 420d-428i-435i-M4'' ''PORSCHE CAYENNE vs. BMW X5'' ''2013 BMW Car Models'' ''BMW-1-3-4-5-6-7-X1-X3-X5-X6-Z4-M1-M3-M5-M6-X6M-BMW i Hybrid'' ''BMW Coupe' 1M Coupe-M3-M4-M6-420d-428i-435i-640i'' ''BMW ''M'' Models-1 Series M-M3-M5-M5 ''25th Anniversary''-BMW M 550d-X6 M'' ''LAND ROVER vs. RANGE ROVER'' ''MERCEDES VIANO vs. VW TRANSPORTER'' ''COMBI'' ''SUV'' ''PICK UP'' ''4WD'' ''VAN'' ''SEDAN'' ''COUPE'' ''COMPACT'' ''CABRIO'' ''MUSCLE CARS'' ''ICON CARS'' ''SUPER CARS'' ''SMALL CARS'' ''2013 IAA Brabus'' ''2012 BRABUS'' ''BRABUS-CL500-Rocket 800-800 Roadster-GL63'' ''800 Hp Brabus Models-E V12-Rocket 800'' ''Brabus Models-800 Roadster-SLK 55-Rocket 800'' ''Brabus-E-CL-SLK-GL-SLS'' ''Smart Brabus'' ''Mercedes CLA-Class'' CLA180-CLA200-CLA220-CLA45AMG-Brabus-Carlsson'' ''Mercedes CLA-180-200-220-250-45AMG'' ''2013 Mercedes-Benz CLA'' ''2014 ROVER-Sport HSE-Discovery-Evoque-Mansory'' ''ROVER-Evoque-Voque-Sport-Defender-Discovery-Autobiography'' ''Land Rover vs. Range Rover'' ''Land Rover Models-Discovery-Defender'' ''Range Rover Models-Sport-Sport HSE-Autobiography-Voque-Evoque'' ''Land Rover Range Rover'' ''Range Rover Sport Evoque' ''Land Rover Defender Discovery''

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BMW X5 G-Power Typhoon Wrapped in Matte Grey Silver by DBX
Diamond Black Exteriors also know as DBX, specializes in vehicle wraps. While offering a myriad of services, we master the acclaimed "matte wraps". We are dedicated, experienced, quality-minded, and friendly. We have devoted ourselves to give our customers the finest in quality workmanship, reasonable prices, quick turn-around, and guaranteed satisfaction. For more information please visit

TEST DRIVE AUTOSTRADA: Mercedes-Benz ML350 BlueTec vs BMW X5 xDrive40d!

還是首選 BMW X5 xDrive 35i
BMW X5雖不是LSUV的始祖,但也可以算是該級距的老將了,將近 十年來X5面對了許多生力軍的挑戰,卻依舊無法撼動它在 球汽車市場的地位。 最早期的X5沒有柴油(台灣沒引進),汽油引擎幾乎是全N A設定,經過歷代的演變之後,全新小改款的BMW X5,引擎全渦輪增壓設定、變速箱提升到8速手自排,更成 熟的駕馭感受與不變的操控精神。

2007~2013 BMW X5 | Frontal Crash Test High-speed Cam | CrashNet1
Crash test dummies representing an average-sized adult male and a small-sized adult female are placed in the driver and front passenger seats, respectively, and are secured with seat belts. Vehicles are crashed into a fixed barrier at 35 mph (56.3km/h), which is equivalent to a head-on collision between two similar vehicles each moving at 35 mph. This crash test result is applicable to model year: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 BMW X5 (E70) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 BMW X5M (E70) Overall: 4 Stars Frontal: 3 Stars Side: 5 Stars Rollover: 4 Stars Risk of Rollover: 17.4% Overall vehicle score and frontal crash ratings should ONLY be compared to other vehicles of similar size and weight. Side crash rating results can be compared across all classes because all vehicles are hit with the same force by the same moving barrier or pole. Thumbs up for the crash test dummies! New crash test videos every week. Favorite this video and subscribe to CrashNet1! Subscribe: fb: g+: twitter On the web: