Ferrari FXX Evolution Insane Start-up Sound!

NOTE: I've been informed that sadly the owner of this car has recently passed away. May Mr. Caiola Jr. rest in peace. Painfully loud sound from an 860hp FXX Evolution belonging to Ben Caiola Jr. starting up. Turn DOWN your speakers. Was not expecting it to be anywhere near as loud.

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Red Lamborghini Murcielago
Stunning color on this Murcie. The car was left sitting on the street with the engine on, quite something. When the owner arrived he revved it and then floored it. There's also a separate vid of the car revving and flooring it. Enjoy! Tags: Cars Red Rosso Lamborghini Lamborgini Murcielago Murclago Murcielego Murcie LP580 Coupe Beautiful Rims Chrome Rev Accelerate Exhaust Note Sound V12 TheCarKid97

Top Gear Cars: 458 Italia, SLS, GT3RS
When Top Gear filmed its Northeast US trip, it spent a few days in New York City. I managed to catch their cars parked and in action, and in the episode that aired in December of 2010, you can ever catch James's 458 int he location where I filmed. Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond drove the SLS, 458, and GT3RS respectively. At the end of the video, comment if you can name the car that plays.

Ride in Ferrari F430 Challenge Car
Fantastic ride in Team Piloti's F430 Challenge car at Lime Rock Park in full 720p HD. Thanks very much to the friendly driver! NOTE: Audio playback quality may be poor on some computers, but keep in mind the car has a very deep sound.

Twin Spyker V8 Growls -- REV, START SOUND
Amazing roars from the Audi-sourced V8 of two different Spykers. The video includes three start-ups, and the grey car revving. An Audi R8 is also included. Great sounds! More photos at