Top Gear Awards - The Ugliest Car

Top Gear petrolheads Jeremy Clarkson, Hamster and Capt. Slow are awarding cars, including the ugliest car of the world. And the winner is.... british humour.

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Top Gear, Awards 2005
Top Gear, Awards 2005

Fiat Multipla by Jeremy Clarkson - Favourite 'family car'
©BBC Worldwide. Excerpt from 'Clarkson's Car Years' series, first broadcast in July 2000. Produced and directed by Richard Pearson and Ewan Keil.

Top Gear: The Most Offensive Clips... In The World.
Here we have a compilation of clips as an example of just what the Clarkson/Hammond/May iteration of Top Gear got away with. Crude humor like this is part of what made the show so appealing to myself and many others. This compliation is... by no means complete. There's plenty more footage like this. Seeing presenters completely unleashed and mostly unfiltered is great. (Alt-right circle jerks in the comments section are not.) :-)

one award you never saw ;)
hmm wonder why they cut this award out? *snickers* xDD top gear owned by BBC *note* sry if the audio quality iz crap.. i recorded it from my laptop and tryed to get it high for everyone to hear.. note* as of 11/13 I am disabling comments in all of my videos... cuz google + is a bitch screwing with the comment section.. sorry for the inconvenience ... blame Google :(