2004 Ecotec Cavalier Exhaust Clip

Exhuast Sound Clip Vibrant Cat back 2 1/4 piping AEM coldair intake

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05 Cavalier w/ K&N Intake only
Made this video to show the differences before my Vibrant Exhaust tomorrow!! And again im only revvin to 4k because of the Automatic Trans. Fuel cut off...

Turbo Cavalier 2.2 ecotec
Just an update on my car now, blew it up like a year ago and haven't posted up any pictures from the rebuild. It basically fully built without cams and bigger injectors. It needs a 3 bar map sensor which I will be ordering soon :) thanks to: Adam Harms "Dream Cars Inc. E Studios photographer

Formula Cavalier Drift - Procrastination Garage - Ep.1
First off, yes I realize that clipping points are meant to 'brush' past and not just knock over... But when you have a few hours at home and the only thing with a motor is a '97 Chevy Cavalier... Well, I'm quite happy with just knocking over all the fake clipping points that I can stick in my yard. Join the fun in my first installment of self shot, self edited, and self stunted videos I call 'Procrastination Garage'. Hopefully there will be more, but no, there won't be an episode next week, sorry.

Ls1 cavalier
Just needed to hear her after being gone for a few months.