2004 Ecotec Cavalier Exhaust Clip

Exhuast Sound Clip Vibrant Cat back 2 1/4 piping AEM coldair intake

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Supercharged Cavalier Exhaust
Pacesetter Header Magnaflow High Flow Catalytic Converter Trailblazer Resonator Off-Name Brand Glass Pack Muffler 2.5" Custom Bent Tubing

Best sounding Cavalier Z24 exhaust
expensive Magnaflow on my 1998 Chevy Cavalier Z24. i just sold the car and wanted to make a video of the Exhaust before i took muffler off to put the stock one back on. It sounds absolutely amazing for a 4cyl i prefer is over some V6's (this coming from a 4cyl hater and V6 lover....)

Vibrant exhaust, 2003 Cavalier Ecotec 2.2L
I got a Vibrant cat-back Exhaust off Craigslist last year for my daily driver car, an '03 Cavalier LS Sport 5spd. I feel real lucky as the kit isn't made anymore and I love how it sounds on Cobalts ( SS 2.0 or base 2.2 ). Came with everything ready to go in. Me and my buddy Keith had it in within an hour. His car is a 2005 Cobalt SS stage 2 supercharged.

1999 Custom Cavalier Cat Back Exhaust
Just a walk around video of my cavalier