Saint Bernard & Caucazian want to eat a ..Gorilla xD

Aggressive dogs... Saint Bernard & Caucazian want to eat a Gorilla xD

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Moscow Watchdog - Gentle Giant and Powerful Protector
Moscow Watchdog (Russian: московская сторожевая) is a breed of dog that was bred in the Soviet Union. It descends from crosses between the St. Bernard, Caucasian Shepherd, and Russian Spotted Hound breeds. It contains the physical size, attractiveness and intelligence of a St. Bernard and the awareness and assertive traits of a Caucasian Ovtcharka.

Giant Caucasian Shepherd Dog 200lbs - TDS
Follow The Dog Show online: ➤Instagram : ➤Facebook : ➤Twitter : ➤The Dog Show YouTube channel : This enormous dog goes by several names including the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. A big dog can weigh anything up to 90kg (200lbs) with huge paws and equally intimidating set of jaws. Still favoured amongst dog fighters in Russia this dog is banned in some countries and restricted in others. Now, Caucasian shepherd dog is a fully standardized breed recognized by the major kennel organizations, including FCI, AKC and UKC.

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St bernard attacking
This is Benson the Saint bernard, he`s massive and he`s only 9 months old, but he`s soft and as daft as a brush, this is him trying to rip clothes off the washing line.