BMW E46 M3 Supersprint Race Exhaust

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BMW M3 Supersprint Exhaust

BMW E46 M3 Stock vs Supersprint Race exhaust
Stock Exhaust vs Supersprint Race Exhaust

E46 M3 SuperSprint Race Muffler!!
The last 17 seconds contain every rev in the video. Nothing like a new years rev and waking up the neighbors... not that anyone was asleep or there were neighbors. But who cares! We say it in the video, but it's loud. Louder than the Challenger next to it, which will be a separate video. I'll get decibel readings on all the AD cars in the spring. Also can not wait to the x-pipe and headers for it! It was a fun install and worth it for sure. Feel free to ask any questions. Yes the Exhaust is bone stock aside from the section 3, and yes it took two days and two separate helpers... -Team AD Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and instagram @teamabuseddaily

BMW E46 M3 Exhaust comparison - Eisenmann V Supersprint V OEM
From Left: Silver Grey M3 - OEM, Altantis Blue M3 - Eisenmann Le Manns Back Box, White M3 - Supersprint Race and 100 Cell Cats, Le Mans Blue M3 - Superprint Race non-res X Pipe. ENJOY!