Corvette Z06 Review by Top Gear

Season 8 Episode 2. Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Review.

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Jeremy Clarkson - Love the Beast
Clips from Eric Bana's film Love the Beast with Jeremy Clarkson.

GA 1/2 Mile shootout - Stock C6 Z06 - Run 2
Ran much better this time compared to first. 143.8 mph. Watch in HD. GA 1/2 Mile Shootout was presented by at Heaven's Landing Airport.

GA Half Mile Shootout - Spring 2017
Versus Roush Mustang

High Speed Wobble GA 1/2 Mile Shootout
Side to side movement in rear just as I was passing the corvette on the right. Launch was off of idle. When I realized it was something I couldn't correct, I let off before going through cones at the end.