Spud's 1968 Cougar Restoration: 427 Engine

Spud gives us a first look at the Ford 427 engine that will be going in his Cougar.

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Dad gets restored 1968 cougar for birthday!
Found out earlier this year that My dad has Cancer so I restored the 68 cougar that my Dad gave me 17 years ago and gave it back to him for his birthday! After months of keeping it a secret and the hard work from Russ, Steve and Jay at Laramee Auto Repair and Welding and everyone else who helped out, I was able to make this awesome moment happen for my pops! I couldn't ask for a better Dad in the entire world! I hope he gets to drive it for a VERY long time!

Spuds 1968 Cougar restoration: sandblasting
We have been told by many car guys that you can't sandblast fenders. They say that the sandblasting would cause excessive heat that would cause the metal to warp. We had an extra quarter panel, so we dicided to try it out. It was successful!

1968 Mercury Cougar Metal Working 101
Part 2 of the 1968 Mercury Cougar restoration. Paul shows the progress of the 1968 Cougar and then demonstrates some basic rust repair techniques. Stay tuned on this, a four speed auto transmission upgrade is on the way as well as a engine upgrade.

70 Cougar restoration
70 Cougar rebuild slideshow