Christmas Wheeling - Four Peaks, AZ 2008

Hummers and Rovers on Four Peaks, braving the weather

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Unexpected Snow on Four Peaks
RebelYell91 and I set out to ride our KLR's over Four Peaks, a prominent mountain just East of town... but Mother Nature had other plans.... see RebelYell91's video here:

Four Peaks Road 12/01/07
Crossing Flooded Four Peaks Road

RZR 1000 Four Peaks Az
This is my brand new RZR XP 1k's first run. I took it to the top of Four Peaks in Arizona. I stopped at the highest point you can get with a vehicle. You can see Roosevelt lake at the end on the right side of the screen. When I stop you can see part of the road that I took to get up there. The ride in this RZR is amazing. It is the smoothest ride I have ever been in! Sorry for the lack of music :/

Off Road Run to Table Top Mesa Arizona
Off Road Run to Table Top Mesa, Arizona. with Jeepers. Gary needed to try out his new Jeep, 2 door Rubicon. Gary and the Jeep both did great.