Christmas Wheeling - Four Peaks, AZ 2008

Hummers and Rovers on Four Peaks, braving the weather

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Zuks Of Arizona - Table Mesa
Wheelin with the Zuks of Arizona at Table Mesa, AZ.

Unexpected Snow on Four Peaks
RebelYell91 and I set out to ride our KLR's over Four Peaks, a prominent mountain just East of town... but Mother Nature had other plans.... see RebelYell91's video here:

Four Peaks Road 12/01/07
Crossing Flooded Four Peaks Road

Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst Information Video
Sami Fine Jewelry is proud to show you this wonderful video about Arizona'a biggest "treasure", the Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst. Mine locally in the Four Peaks Mountains, Arizona is home to this beautiful Amethyst. If you love Amethyst, then you will love "arizona's desert beauty"! For more information on Sami's Arizona Amethyst please go to