My old bagged Squareback

Love the shot !

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This is my 2001 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor. It took me three years to build this car to this point. Everything on this car is custom. It has a ten switch air ride system, in other words its "bagged". it has labo doors on the front. All door handles have been shaved and the doors now open by remote. The grill and lights are all custom, as well as the marauder black paint job. It has a compustar alarm coneected to a Nathan Airchime train horn. The windows have been limo tinted and the interior has all be replaced. This car was built for shows.

bus 66
slammed bus project

New Rims for my type3

civic crazy 3 wheel
i filmed this car for our dvd, i dont own it nor did i build it, i did how ever design it. ANYONE WHO POSTS RUDE COMMENTS WILL BE BLOCKED AND REMOVED. IM TIRED OF READING THEM ALL. AND CAN WE PLEASE PUT AN END TO THE DEATH THREATS ITS A CAR FOR GODS SAKE. scotts hatch thats tubbed for 22s. he's got some freaky 3wheel action goin on. most of you may remember this before when it was just stock black or primered grey, well its painted now after coming to me for a paint design i helped him out and later met him at drop zone to feature his car for the new dvd.