Honda Hatchback with B18 swap part 2

1989 Honda civic hatchback si with b18a1 swap A1 Transmission 60,000 miles B18a1 Engine 110,000 miles Glowshift Gauges vacuum, voltage, and fuel pressure. DNA upper strut bar Accel wires

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Honda Hatchback with B18 Swap
1989 honda civic hatchback si i just got this about 5 months ago and decided it was time to start on it so here is the first stage of the hatch. it has a b18a1 swap.

Civic Hatchback With LOUD Exhaust Revving And Flooring It
This Civic hatchback had a REALLY LOUD Exhaust. The driver was revving it at a Vagfest car show so I decided to film it. He actually floored it down the street and really let the camera hear the Exhaust sound. Many people would consider this a ricer car, but the truth is that the civic's muffler sounded really nice...ricer or not!

Project Civic EJ8 Stanced
My Civic 99' EJ8 Coupe Project STANCE Mods: D16y8 VTEC Mugen Front Grille Mugen Front Lip 8K HID's DNA Motorsport Front Engine Adjustable Strut Bar DNA Motorsport Rear Trunk Adjustable Strut Bar Tenzo R Induction Racing Short Intake System Spectre High Flow Cone Filter Drag 15x7 +10 Offset Wheels 195/50/R15 Falken Tires Adjustable Coilovers Sleeves SI Rear Spoiler Kenwood Aux/MP3/WMA Radio Sticker Bombed Tachometer Trim And Some Miscellaneous Stickers And Things

LSVTEC Test Drive - Civic EF 1989
GSR Head B18C1 Vtec - Block B18B1 Non-Vtec / PR3 RS-Machine Pistons / Blackworks Racing Head Gasket STD / Stock springs & retainers / B16A camshaft / ITR Headers / Stock GSR Intake / 2.5" Full Catback for Civic 88-91 / etc... I think not wrong .... but if I have to improve you many things ..... I have still much to be done ... double spring, Better camshaft, cam gears, better Intake, CAI, etc