Dardan 's 11:5 cp b20 vtec civic dyno @ church automotive

A quick run at church, car was making 178 whp when i got there and i left with 219.4 whp only reving to 8k. I rev to 8500rpm on street.

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Inline Racing 225WHP B Series SHORT BLAST Part 1
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b16 62mm turbo 149mph pass incar tuned by Dardantuning 10.07 @149mph
In car video of Dardantuning 62mm turbo class car using b16 stock bore and stroke with gsr cams. Using briancrower springs and retainers and BC rods. Synapseengineering wastegates and bov and Boost connect. Aem ems v2 on pump e85 10.07 @149mph on this pass. Ran out of fuel. Dynotechmotorsports hot track conditions and short shifted.

honda civic eg with b20 vtec
honda civic eg with b20 vtec

b20 vtec vs h22a
b20vtec civic coupe vs h22a 181whp both i/h/e, this was done in a closed course, in Mexico...