Corvette hit and run

Corvette hit and run while driver was showing off his car doing donuts on public road. Follow US ! Facebook : Youtube :

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Corvette Car show 6/9/2012 (Redondo Beach California)
Corvette Car show-Redondo Beach California 6-9-2012

Angry Vettes! Corvette compilation
Corvettes acting out! Turn you're speakers up and enjoy!

Semi VS Corvette Hit & Run Crash
The driver of the Corvette is lucky to be alive after an 18 wheeler rear-ended the Vette sending it into a guardrail, then it bounced off of it and under the back of the trailer. The wheels of the trailer hit the front side of the car. If the Corvette had gone a little further under the trailer the driver would have been crushed by the wheels. A police officer witnessed the crash and put a BOLO out for the truck. He did not chase the truck because he stopped the check on the victim who walked away from the crash. The truck was not seen again.

Leaving The Scene | Hit and Run #FAIL
After swiping another car, this driver tried to leave the scene, but the victim tried to stop him. He hit a pole trying to flee, but still escaped. Original link: SUBSCRIBE: LIKE us on FACEBOOK FOLLOW us on TWITTER FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM REGISTER on our WEBSITE TO LICENSE THIS CLIP, GO TO: