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Lee Min Ho Park Min Young Kiss Scene of City Hunter Korean Drama Ep 2
It was revealed yesterday (11.08.22) that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have been dating for a month so far, following the end of their popular drama "City Hunter." Lee Min Ho's agency told Dispatch, "They started to have good feelings toward each other through 'City Hunter.' It seems like they're at a stage of getting to know each other right now, but I'm not sure how much those feelings developed so far." Park Min Young's agency also said, "It is true the two have good, mutual feelings for each other. I think she's (Park Min Young) trying to get to know the human-side of Lee Min Ho, not the actor Lee Min Ho. But you always have to be careful with these relationships, and the agency doesn't know everything about the celebrity's private life." "Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young tried to avoid making their relationship public. So they tried to be careful whenever they met. But their personalities wouldn't allow for a secret date at home. When they met at a public space, like a restaurant or bar, they would always bring a mutual friend," a person close to the two was quoted as saying as well. The source added their relationship started to really build up because of "City Hunter," as he said, "Because of their respective roles in the drama were so important, they had a lot of long-hour filming sessions, often overnight. As they worked together for long hours, I think they started to learn more about each other more."

City Hunter eng sub ep 20
City Hunter eng sup

Heeyz ^^ COMMENT BOX OPENED again ~ for like 2 weeks I guess or less ? haha, dunno xDD if I don't make another video before Christmas.. well HAPPY HOLIDAYs !!! ~ yaay *plays in the snooow* =p ALL INFO in the credits at the end of the video so DON'T ASK !! & gah do I really have to say that this is fanmade ?? .__." A lot of people were unsatisfied with the ending of CH so I decided to create something like a promo :) Here's the STORY~ In the first episode of the new season our cute City Hunter finds himself in the hospital forgetting who he was and has a loss of his memories. When he gets out of the hospital he sees a newspaper which says that he's a criminal who has escaped from the prison! (nooh he was caught T^T). He gets some flashbacks of running away and meeting someone outside. . . He also sees a girl (Nana ofc xD) So yeah! The second season is basically about Lee Yun Seo(u)ng getting his memories back and solving the mysteries which surround him! LOOK FORWARD TO IT ?!?! keke ~ I OWN NOTHING !!! EVEN IF I SOO WANT TO!! *points at Minho* Q.Q

[MV] City Hunter Season 2 [future fanfiction trailer]
WATCH IN 720p AND READ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ^.^ Hello everyone ! So this is my new video for City Hunter. And this one is special since it's a trailer for my future City Hunter fanfiction, called "Revenge Is Not Over"!! The story will follow the end of season 1. After his revovery, Yoon Sung wants to avenge Kim Young Joo Prosecutor's death. But an inspector from the police is investigating on Kim Young Joo's and Lee Jin Pyo's deaths and she is getting suspicious about Yoon Sung. Did Lee Jin Pyo lied about being the real City Hunter? Is Lee Yoon Sung the real one? How NaNa will react when she knows that her sister she hasn't seen during the last ten years is the inspector investigating on Yoon Sung? Will Yoon Sung finally tell his feelings to NaNa? I miss Kim Young Joo Prosecutor a lot. I cried so much when he died, he was such a great character. I would have liked Yoon Sung to work with him. Anyway, the fact that Yoon Sung would want to avenge KYJ's death came to my mind so naturally. I mean, poor KYJ, he died while he was doing his job. He really was a great prosecutor. So I think that Yoon Sung will not leave his death unpunished. And now that he left the Blue House's Communication Team, what else can he do ? xD He has to be the City Hunter again. Ok, Lee Jin Pyo's sacrifice was a nice gesture of him to show that he cared about Yoon Sung's future... but I think that Yoon Sung's sense of justice is beyond everything. And Seoul's justice still needs City Hunter. *Gosh, I miss the show so much! Do you miss Yoon Sung and NaNa as well?* Song used : Celestial by Mark Petrie. Made by Caly for Mokkori Hunter. Software : Sony Vegas Pro 10 I used extracts from the movie "Diary of June" to make this video =) Some of the subtitles are fake, so if you're a native Korean, I apologize! Oh and for your information, the fanfiction will be only written in French, my native language. Sorry for that ^^" Big hug to my wonderful suscribers and commenters! Love ya!