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Snap-on Data Bus Fault Finder EEFF500

The go-to tool when there is no communication with the scan tool. Modern vehicles have roughly 15 to 25 computers all talking to one another on shared circuits. When those circuits fail, the vehicle may exhibit any number of problems. The EEFF500 is a specialty tool that isolates the problem portion of the affected circuit quickly and easily. It features 12 switchable circuits and LED self-testing. Open circuits show up amber and short circuits show up red for easy detection.


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Pico's Can Test Box
Pico's Can Test Box in action on a GM class II bus. Brought to you by Autonerdz.

Ken Block Special Edition Tool Storage from Snap-on
Ken Block has made a name for himself in all things speed, most recently putting Gymkhana racing and drifting on the map. Who better to commemorate his exploits than the company who put tool storage on the map? The only tool storage that performs as precisely as Ken Block himself. The superior construction and features of the Snap-on KRA2422 Classic Series Roll Cab and KRA2454 WorkCenter, with a limited edition wrap showcasing the rev hound himself. Like Ken's driving, the superior welds, extra-wide 50" drawers and plentiful storage space are totally awe-inspiring. See your Snap-on Representative to pre-order this unique tool storage solution today.

High speed CAN bus diagnostic resistance check
(Video 1 of4) A demonstration of diagnosing a HS CAN bus fault on a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt. The car would intermittently begin to shift hard and erratic, flash the traction control SES lights, and at times steering was affected. It would set multiple network codes: U2100 in the PCM, TCM, PSCM, BCM and U2105, U2107 in the PSCM. Car had been to the dealer 4 times for this issue, they replaced the steering column one time, the TCM another time and usually just returned the car "unable to duplicate". Going back to basic network diagnostics I discovered this issue. Prior to the video, the terminals in question have been checked per the recommended GM procedures of grip testing and verifying the connector crimps.

Snap-on VS Wright Tool (Flank Drive Plus VS WrightGRIP)
Get a set of WrightGRIP wrenches at Amazon -- http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywo rds=wrightgrip&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Awrightgrip/?_encoding=UTF8&tag=reatoorev-20 www.GBToolsnz.com contacted me a while back to see if I would like to re-do my original WrightGRIP wrench video, where I compared the WrightGRIP to a Craftsman, Gearwrench, & SK wrench. In that video they all failed except for the WrightGRIP. Both of these wrenches (Wright & Snap-on) are made 100% in the USA, and are very comparable in weight, performance, and quality. The Snap-on is slightly longer (by about 3/4") & it has a 15 degree offset on the boxed end VS around a 7-8 degree offset with the WrightGRIP. I personally think it boils down to brand preference with these wrenches, but you may want to take into account the offset on the boxed end, as well as the length that you prefer. *** I used the satin finish WrightGRIP wrench for this demonstration, but Wright does offer the identical wrench in full polish if that is your preference ****

How to perform a compression test with a scope
Relative compression testing using the Snap-On Verus

Using the SNAP-ON CT1000-KT Short Circuit Finder
How to track down an automotive electrical short-circuit without tearing apart the whole car! This device injects a signal into the wiring which can then be traced with a detector, even if the wiring is hidden. This is a portion of an instructional video supplied by the manufacturer, Snap-On Tools.

2009 Chevy hhr CAN bus testing No crank No start no communication
no pcm, tcm or ebcm communication, I checked all fuses and checked for powers and ground at pcm and tcm first and for power at pin 16 dlc and grounds to 4,5 of dlc. then to check the CAN bus i checked for 2.5 volts at dlc pin6 to ground and pin 14 of the dlc to ground and it was good. then disconnected battery and waited 30 seconds and ohmed out 6 and 14 and had 120 ohms wich should have been 60. the vcim was bad on this vehicle (under water ) replaced it and programmed and all is well. ran out of time to record on my nikon camera sorry about cutting it off.

Snap-On Verus video
video of the new Snap-On Scanner

Lighter. faster. Smarter. More flexible. Our most powerful diagnostic & information system, VERUS PRO offers the flexibility of keyless, wireless scanning and Wi-Fi. Stay connected and have the freedom to work from anywhere in the service bay. The new thin profile shaves 3 lbs off the display tablet. An expanded software suite loads in half the time previously required and provides one-touch access to scan, scope, guided component tests, vehicle records, an online technical community and the optional ShopKey® repair information system. View multiple applications side-by-side.

Snap-on VERDICT Diagnostic & Information System
What would you demand from the ultimate diagnostic tool? VERDICT from Snap-on is all about freedom. Freedom to go Where the Job Takes You. The VERDICT diagnostic and information system includes a wireless display, scanner and meter to let you be in more places at once. With Windows® multitasking and Wi-Fi Internet access, VERDICT puts everything in your hands from anywhere in the shop: codes, live data, component tests, Troubleshooter, web resources and real-world answers.

Snapon Secondary Ignition
Using the SAI 2000 with the Modis, or Vantage Pro

Sneak peek Snap On Modis Ultra
Modis Ultra is the newest member in the Snap On tools diagnostic family. Thinner and faster it has a 2-channel scope trouble shooter tips, a lithium battery and many more

Smoke testing for codes P0171 P0174
These two codes mean a V style engine is running lean on both banks. So you have to be thinking - what can make both banks run lean. Here's how to make this task simple with a smoke machine.

Craftsman vs. Snap-on
Just my opinion on some of the tools that I use everyday.

First Tool Box Tour - Snap-On, Craftsman, Mastercraft
Set my box up today. Have a video!

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