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The go-to tool when there is no communication with the scan tool. The EEFF500 is a specialty tool that isolates the problem portion of the affected circuit quickly and easily. It features 12 switchable circuits and LED self-testing. Open circuits show up amber and short circuits show up red for easy detection. WATCH MORE: SUBSCRIBE: CONNECT Twitter: Facebook: LEARN MORE Data Bus Fault Finder EEFF500 | Snap-on Tools Snap-on Tools is a subsidiary of Snap-on Incorporated, a global leader in hand and power tools, tool storage (including the EPIQ, Masters, Classic and Heritage series tool boxes) shop equipment, diagnostics (including the ETHOS®, MODIS ™, SOLUS™, and VERUS® families of scanners), repair information and systems solutions for professional users. Subscribers to the Snap-on Tools channel get access to the latest product demo videos and diagnostics tech tips and training solutions, as well as videos highlighting the company’s work within the professional racing industry.

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Case 4: Data Bus Issues
with Dave Hobbs Clip

High speed CAN bus diagnostic resistance check (1 of 4)
(Video 1 of 4) A demonstration of diagnosing a HS CAN bus fault on a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt. The car would intermittently begin to shift hard and erratic, flash the traction control SES lights, and at times steering was affected. It would set multiple network codes: U2100 in the PCM, TCM, PSCM, BCM and U2105, U2107 in the PSCM. Car had been to the dealer 4 times for this issue, they replaced the steering column one time, the TCM another time and usually just returned the car "unable to duplicate". Going back to basic network diagnostics I discovered this issue. Prior to the video, the terminals in question have been checked per the recommended GM procedures of grip testing and verifying the connector crimps.

Tip Clip: Data Bus Diagnostics
Tip Clip from FRED Takes the Bus, with Dave Hobbs

Power Probe Short Finder ECT2000 Part 1 of 2
Makes locating short & open circuits easier than ever before. Its advanced digital intelligence puts it far above all others. • It consists of 2 units, a "SMART" transmitter and a "SMART" receiver along with 4 of the most common adapters to get you connected to any electrical circuit on the vehicle. • Adjustable sensitivity with audible and visual indicators for easy monitoring • Move, pull or flex wires to observe intermittent circuit conditions. • Will quickly pin-point location of shorts and open circuits through solid materials • Will detects power through carpet, molding and plastic panels. • Simply connects to any electrical circuit on the vehicle. • Shows the direction of the short circuit to eliminate guess work. • Comes packaged in a durable fitted case