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Hit By Car At Goodmayes

This morning I was hit by this driver who was so determined to prevent another from overtaking them that they didn't appear to notice that the mirror on their car had been smashed back at it struck my handlebar. There was some reluctance to stop and talk about it, even though they were now stuck in the traffic jam (10 feet up the road). Apparently she "didn't realise" as she was trying to watch both of us. Very poor driving from one who looked like she should have known better. Watch though and see how even after hitting me she continues to position her car to block the othe driver. What did she gain from all this? Nothing. Well, perhaps (hopefully) a broken mirror...


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Car drives into stationary cyclist - AP62AYW - With Police response
AP62AYW blocks both the "bike box" and a bus coming round the corner, before driving into me while the lights are red and I'm stationary. He then continues to block another bus and not care at all that he's run into me. This is the first incident on my channel that I've reported to the local constabulary as I have concerns that he should probably not be on the road. NB. I drove slightly past the stop line so that I could indicate to the driver that the buses could get past if he reversed back a bit. Update - I got the following message from the Norfolk constabulary: "The contents of your email and the Youtube footage have been reviewed by both our Legal Services department and Road Policing Inspector. We thank you for bringing it to our attention but a decision has been made that in this case we would take no further action. This is down to the following reasons:- · The weather conditions making it difficult for the driver to see · Neither party comply to road traffic regulations in relation to stopping at the line for the red light · At a damage only incident of this nature parties would deal via their insurance companies · Due to the amount of people including yourself rallying around the driver and possible public order offences the driver would have reasonable excuse not to engage with you. We are also unable to assess the fitness of the driver without a breath-test or FIT test being carried out at the time which would have to be presented as evidence in a court of law. " Well at least they looked at it. I'll have to try to remain calmer next time someone drives into me. Hope he doesn't accidentally kill someone.

Car pulls out in front of me and then fails to stop for police.
This driver clearly pulls out in front of me on a roundabout, unbelievably there's a traffic police car behind him who see his error and put on the blues and twos and chase him down the road. Strangely enough, the man can't see his error and he thinks the police are after someone else and so he pulls in only to pull out again. I recieved a friendly wave and thumbs up from the cops on the way past. Parts of the audio are cut out due to my passengers being rather vocal about the situation.

Car Runs over bicycle At Critical Mass ride
Thanks for subscribing! In March 2007, a car is seen apparently crossing over the island median, entering in the middle of the mass of bicycles participating in the critical mass ride. The car proceeds to follow a bicycle. and then hits the bicycle and runs over the bicycle and a couple more. At least a few bicycles were damaged. There may be some physical injuries to some of the bicyclists, skaters, and pedestrians in the area, that were hit be the motorist.

Taxi runs into cyclist twice LV52 NFR
10 Oct 2013

Cyclist shot with BB gun by motorist
This is me on a training ride with a mate at around 10am on 25th April 2011. Passanger of a Ford Focus leans out the window shoots me with a BB gun. Further up the road he had shot into a group of four other cyclists hitting one of them in the leg. Would be great to catch the ******! FYI, Head Cam is a Contour 1080p

V776 EEF Gets Upset When Overtaken By A Cyclist
Please note that I realise that I called out an incorrect number plate on the video. It was only after viewing the footage that I discovered the mistake. The correct number plate has been posted in the title and tags. The dustmen were out this morning, so there was a bit of a queue on a usually pretty empty road. This young driver got caught napping it seems when I overtook him and then went on to pass the dustcart. He immediately showed his displeasure by revving up and driving close to my back wheel, even though I was keeping pace with traffic ahead and there was no room for him to pass anyway. As I moved back into the left lane after the dustcart, he made an aggressive move left, despite the brake lights clearly showing on the car ahead of me. I gave an open-handed slap on the back of his car to remind him that I was there and this seemed to infuriate him. Horn blasting he undertakes me, I'm going straight at the mini roundabout, so was riding in the right-hand approach lane as the left-hand lane is left turn only. We debate the matter and when it finally dawns on him that I'm filming him he drives off.

Getting Hit by a Car
Mass General Law MGL C90/S18: Failure to use care when turning. On 11/22/10 at about 3:47 pm, I was traveling northbound on North Pleasant st in Amherst, MA on my bike in a marked bike lane. A driver was traveling northbound on North Pleasant st in a 1996 Geo Prizm (MA plate 366DY7) and attempted to turn right into a private parking lot. The driver entered my bike lane, failing to yield, and hit me, causing me to be ejected from my bike. My bike sustained damage and I received several gashes and bruises from hitting the pavement. The driver was cited for MGL C90/S18: Failure to use care when turning, and her insurance paid for the bike to be rebuilt, a new camera, and medical bills.

I hit a car
My fault, no question. My only mitigation is that I was about to pull out into the right hand lane. As I indicated and saw it was clear the car behind me pulled out quickly into the right lane meaning my intended route was blocked and so I had to head towards the car in front. Due to the extremely wet conditions my brakes didn't stop me quickly enough, thus I hit the back of the car. Oops!

No one wants to let the cyclist through.
Road blocked going into Croydon causing some confussion

Police Car Left Hook - BX09 ACO - Then pulls me over
So much I wanted to say but thought better of it. This happened on Thursday 8th March 2012 at about 07:55 at Tooting Broadway. This is the conversation (I think): ME: Hello POLICE: What is your problem mate? ME: Well you were going to cut right in front of me. POLICE: No wait, that is a lane, I was in front of you indicating left. You slow down. You being on the road follow the same rules as a motor car. ME: ok POLICE: Just cos you're a cyclist ... ME: Yep POLICE: doesn't give you right of way to come up behind and undertake ME: But I didn't... ok yep. POLICE: right? ME: yep POLICE: Most of all enjoy your cycle. ME: OK thank you byebye sorry.

Drivers Knock down cyclist in Greenford West London
Incident on 23 August 2011 - Ruislip Road East j/w Costons Lane, Greenford. Driving without due care and attention. Driver one Defendant: Chris Bassett, Court: Richmond Magistrates, Date: 28/02/2012, Offence: Driving without due care and attention, Result: PLEADED GUILTY RECEIVED SIX POINT AND A £230 FINE. Drive two, Defendant: TREPAK Susan (Ms). Court: Richmond Magistrate, Date 10/09/2012, Offence: Driving without due care and attention, Result Peaded NOT GUILITY. Found Guilty - Fine £130. Court Cost £130. £15 victim surcharge 3 penalty points. All information provide in this coment is in the public domain due the defendants being found guilty of a road traffic offence. My comments on Drive 2 court hearing to come!

How to make drivers drop their mobile phones
Simple, use a Husqvarna Nuda 900R

Cyclist Ignores Red Stop Sign & Gets Hit by Car, Sudbury Suffolk
** Removed Comments ** (Too much hate going on.... chill out people) Boy on a bike waits to cross at pedestrian crossing, but crosses on the red Dont Walk symbol when he sees that a car stops in one lane and then presumes that both lanes will now stop, but the other lane of traffic is still on a green light for a few seconds after the other changes. It is his fault really as he ignores the red Dont Walk sign. As this is a 30mph limit road the car that hit him could of been going a lot faster, the driver did stop pretty quickly considering she had a green light to go. This happens quite a lot at this crossing, luckily this boy walks away from this accident with no broken bones. To All who think i just drove off:- I Did!!!! As you can see he was up in no time and was able to speak to the driver, and just as i went round the corner i could see lots of people rushing to help, and didnt need to stop and help myself. PS: Music Changed due to popular demand LOL.... (This Clip was shown on UK - Channel 5 - Worlds worst drivers program as a filler clip)

Cyclist Inconveniences Met Policeman BU60BZL
This officer's actions behind the wheel and attitude to road safety is truly shocking. I was turning right and indicating. My lane position is called 'Primary Position'. The direct question I should have asked was "why did you drive around me at speed?"

Dashcam - biker fights w driver who cut him off at a gas station.
Russia -- motorcyclist gets cut off, turns around, catches up with the car and takes care of the driver

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