Hit By Car At Goodmayes

This morning I was hit by this driver who was so determined to prevent another from overtaking them that they didn't appear to notice that the mirror on their car had been smashed back at it struck my handlebar. There was some reluctance to stop and talk about it, even though they were now stuck in the traffic jam (10 feet up the road). Apparently she "didn't realise" as she was trying to watch both of us. Very poor driving from one who looked like she should have known better. Watch though and see how even after hitting me she continues to position her car to block the othe driver. What did she gain from all this? Nothing. Well, perhaps (hopefully) a broken mirror...

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KJ05WUM Female Bully Driver - aggressively impatient close overtake KJ05 WUM
The driver left a comment on the original video threatening to "bump" this cyclist and has been given a serious warning by the police. The driver has claimed her privacy has been violated because she is so embarrassed by her pathetic bullying driving of a vulnerable road user yet her's and every other driver's registration is public knowledge and has very little restrictions on it. If the driver had been more paitent, this incident would not happened.

Another, Lesson in Parking along the Streetcar Line
The Streetcar hangs over the Cement Roadbed a bit more, so, a white line is painted so you know your in the clear.......some just have a disregard for it. From South Waterfront District, Portland, Oregon.

Car pulls out in front of me and then fails to stop for police.
This driver clearly pulls out in front of me on a roundabout, unbelievably there's a traffic police car behind him who see his error and put on the blues and twos and chase him down the road. Strangely enough, the man can't see his error and he thinks the police are after someone else and so he pulls in only to pull out again. I recieved a friendly wave and thumbs up from the cops on the way past. Parts of the audio are cut out due to my passengers being rather vocal about the situation.

Cyclist Hit by Impatient Driver RX06 ZXV RX06ZXV
Report on Stop SMIDSY here: http://www.stop-smidsy.org.uk/incident/2810 I was originally worried by the first car in the clip due to them being not properly in the lane and slower driving. But as I was cycling up this stretch of road that is barely wide enough for two cars and on a blind corner, the driver of the Polo decides to try an overtake. He came out of nowhere and at some speed, despite me holding the strongest possible road position (allowing room for oncoming traffic). To avoid colliding with the silver Land Rover, they instead drive at me and force me into the kerb. The sound you can hear is the sound of the car hitting my body. The Land Rover driver sounds his horn, clearly startled as well. The car then drives off without stopping, I was too shocked to shout after them. No damage to the bike. The polo is not registered on the Motor Insurance Database. Volkswagen VW Polo, Black RX06 ZXV RX06ZXV