Hit By Car At Goodmayes

This morning I was hit by this driver who was so determined to prevent another from overtaking them that they didn't appear to notice that the mirror on their car had been smashed back at it struck my handlebar. There was some reluctance to stop and talk about it, even though they were now stuck in the traffic jam (10 feet up the road). Apparently she "didn't realise" as she was trying to watch both of us. Very poor driving from one who looked like she should have known better. Watch though and see how even after hitting me she continues to position her car to block the othe driver. What did she gain from all this? Nothing. Well, perhaps (hopefully) a broken mirror...

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Car Driver Not Looking Causes T-bone Crash For Cyclist
Cruising the streets testing the new HD hero cam and a 10-50 occured. If anyone is interested in using the video for educational purposes please contact me. It is recorded in full HD. Awesome camera by the way! Just got an 8gb card for it and hope to do some more filming very soon. I was not speeding: Speed=(3600/9)/(1609/118)) Speed = Time /Distance Distance measured from first junction 1:18 and 1.27 crash junction, distance travelled is 118m in 9 seconds = 29mph average speed. Case Closed - Driver was at Fault and admitted it at the scene! What more proof do you car lovers need, lol.

Drivers Knock down cyclist in Greenford West London
Incident on 23 August 2011 - Ruislip Road East j/w Costons Lane, Greenford. Driving without due care and attention. Driver one Defendant: Chris Bassett, Court: Richmond Magistrates, Date: 28/02/2012, Offence: Driving without due care and attention, Result: PLEADED GUILTY RECEIVED SIX POINT AND A £230 FINE. Drive two, Defendant: TREPAK Susan (Ms). Court: Richmond Magistrate, Date 10/09/2012, Offence: Driving without due care and attention, Result Peaded NOT GUILITY. Found Guilty - Fine £130. Court Cost £130. £15 victim surcharge 3 penalty points. All information provide in this coment is in the public domain due the defendants being found guilty of a road traffic offence. My comments on Drive 2 court hearing to come!

Police cyclist being towed by police car
SEE YouTube footage of what is thought to be a West Midlands Police officer hitching a ride with a colleage in a police car in Perry Barr.

Bicyclist hit by car
Happened in Turkey, doesn't look that good.