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Hit By Car At Goodmayes

This morning I was hit by this driver who was so determined to prevent another from overtaking them that they didn't appear to notice that the mirror on their car had been smashed back at it struck my handlebar. There was some reluctance to stop and talk about it, even though they were now stuck in the traffic jam (10 feet up the road). Apparently she "didn't realise" as she was trying to watch both of us. Very poor driving from one who looked like she should have known better. Watch though and see how even after hitting me she continues to position her car to block the othe driver. What did she gain from all this? Nothing. Well, perhaps (hopefully) a broken mirror...


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How Could This Have Happened?
This one looked like it had just happened as both occupants of the van were still in the vehicle.

Cyclist Hit by Impatient Driver RX06 ZXV RX06ZXV
Report on Stop SMIDSY here: http://www.stop-smidsy.org.uk/incident/2810 I was originally worried by the first car in the clip due to them being not properly in the lane and slower driving. But as I was cycling up this stretch of road that is barely wide enough for two cars and on a blind corner, the driver of the Polo decides to try an overtake. He came out of nowhere and at some speed, despite me holding the strongest possible road position (allowing room for oncoming traffic). To avoid colliding with the silver Land Rover, they instead drive at me and force me into the kerb. The sound you can hear is the sound of the car hitting my body. The Land Rover driver sounds his horn, clearly startled as well. The car then drives off without stopping, I was too shocked to shout after them. No damage to the bike. The polo is not registered on the Motor Insurance Database. Volkswagen VW Polo, Black RX06 ZXV RX06ZXV

Cyclist Ignores Red Stop Sign & Gets Hit by Car, Sudbury Suffolk
** Removed Comments ** (Too much hate going on.... chill out people) Boy on a bike waits to cross at pedestrian crossing, but crosses on the red Dont Walk symbol when he sees that a car stops in one lane and then presumes that both lanes will now stop, but the other lane of traffic is still on a green light for a few seconds after the other changes. It is his fault really as he ignores the red Dont Walk sign. As this is a 30mph limit road the car that hit him could of been going a lot faster, the driver did stop pretty quickly considering she had a green light to go. This happens quite a lot at this crossing, luckily this boy walks away from this accident with no broken bones. To All who think i just drove off:- I Did!!!! As you can see he was up in no time and was able to speak to the driver, and just as i went round the corner i could see lots of people rushing to help, and didnt need to stop and help myself. PS: Music Changed due to popular demand LOL.... (This Clip was shown on UK - Channel 5 - Worlds worst drivers program as a filler clip)

WR52BMZ driver on phone, spits, drives at me, and threatens to punch me
Mythbusters: Drink driving vs cell phone driving: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vFcIpzF7pc Update: Having reported it, it turned out this van was registered to an abandoned pub in Peckham. Because of that the police couldn't trace the driver, and the 6 month statute limitation on common assault meant that the charge expired. I hope they caught him via ANPR at some point, the dirty scumbag. So, my impressions? On the phone as I come past, I stop in the gap between him and the vehicle in front. He drives at me from behind, spits at me, goes through a red light, and then threatens to punch me. Hasn't got the courage to do it on camera though. WR52BMZ WR52 BMZ WR52-BMZ

How to make drivers drop their mobile phones
Simple, use a Husqvarna Nuda 900R

FJ55 ZLX - Ikea truck driver seems to want a confrontation - FJ55ZLX
I've deliberately included about 20 seconds of video from before he sounded the horn and went passed me as I honestly have no idea why he beeped. I was in the cycle lane so if he couldn't get past me that's his problem. Obviously once I realised he was deliberately slowing down (ie once I saw there was nothing in front of him) I should have just waited and let him go but I thought maybe he wanted a word. When it turned out he was just being a dick I should also have hit the brakes and let him on his merry way but hey, we don't always make the smartest choices so I kept up with him and dropped him at the roundabout (I knew he'd be going the other way as that's where Ikea is). No idea what this was all about but he's clearly in need of an HGV license revoke IMO.

Cyclist Inconveniences Met Policeman BU60BZL
This officer's actions behind the wheel and attitude to road safety is truly shocking. I was turning right and indicating. My lane position is called 'Primary Position'. The direct question I should have asked was "why did you drive around me at speed?"

Cycling Head on Crash with Car, *Contains Blood*
*Warning Contains Blood* First day out with the new camera. Almost head on collision with a motorist who didn't see me already on the roundabout. Many thanks to all the people who helped me that day. The guy in the sandles was amazing and calmly took charge of everything. He was walking by at the time of the crash. I bounced off my face pretty hard, landing quite a distance from my bike. Cracked the helmet and somehow cracked the soles of my cycle shoes. Luckily sustained mostly cuts and bruises, a suspected broken nose which is healing, a couple of fractured fingers, road rash and a black eye! The camera performed flawlessly and continued working all through the incident. This is just a short clip. The original footage continues as police arrive and paramedic checks me over before taking me to the hospital. As soon as he crossed that give way line I knew it was coming. The location of the incident: http://tinyurl.com/38o373g http://www.stop-smidsy.org.uk The media like to portray things as a kind of 'war', cyclist against motorist because it sounds dramatic. But it isn't like that at all. There are bad drivers and bad cyclists, it's just that bad driving tends to have a larger effect. Most cyclists, me included are also drivers. Also.... Car Tax VED is not 'Road Tax', it is Vehicle Excise duty and based on emissions, nothing to do with roads. A Prius pays zero VED.... do they have no right to be on the road? :)

The Right Hook
Episode one of Bad Driver TV. Motorist makes illegal right turn in front of cyclist

Taxi runs into cyclist twice LV52 NFR
10 Oct 2013

Hit & Run caught on my helmet cam (Forest Hill, London 09/09/10)
This video vindicates my choice to start videoing ALL my motorcycle journeys. The camera is a GREAT investment - about £40 - The driver of the car drove away and the rest of the video captures that, his face and his number plate. Maybe the insurance companies will lower premiums for anyone using these devices in the same way if you have an alarm, immobilizer and steering locks etc...

Both parties at fault, key is to keep calm and be polite, no need to swear or point blame,
The key to reacting is keeping calm, this isn't always possible when someone nearly hits you but in incidences like this I think it is. This driver had previously overtaken me in the other lane only 20-30 seconds before hand. He could have possibly tracked my whereabouts with better use of his mirrors, but no-one is a perfect road user. I shout waaaahey, to get everything to slow down helps, and a nice chat helps the situation carry on and the driver educated, throw in a 'have a nice day' to make you come across as the good guy. He said 'I couldn't see you' which is something two-wheelers often hear. Lets hope next time he is a little more observant What could we do differently to avoid this kind of incidences? We both didn't see the traffic backing up, so both of our lane changes where late. We could both read the road ahead better and make our manoeuvres earlier. The driver failed to indicate - this is probably the biggest issue, as he didn't indicate I had no idea he was going to change lanes until he started moving. Much easier for other road users to plan around you if you indicate your intentions.

PK54 AYL - Car hits cyclists leg & hand, then threatens to run me over
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch this other video, before commenting: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWRMGp5yz3Y --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read this about Cycling Road Positioning --------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/cycletraining/article/ct20110110-cycletrai ning-Bitesize-Bikeability--Part-4--On-Road-Positioning-0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was out of the cycle lane due to a parked car ahead, and travelling at around 25mph, it also saves me merging in and out of the cycle lane. When this old chap decides to overtake me, through a pinch point!!! - brushing my leg and clipping my hand on his wing mirror. I tell him nicely to move out, then the woman winds the window down and shouts something, so i tell him to move out more again. This makes him stop, tells me i should be in the cycle lane and that he will run me over next time! If you hit a cyclist, your obviously WAY to close. If you have to overtake that close, then you shouldn't be overtaking. A cyclist out of a cycle lane is no excuse for nearly knocking them off their bike. Overtaking through a pinch point also adds to the danger, because the car has to move in to more of the lane to pass through the pinch point. Give cyclists space

Getting Hit by a Car
Mass General Law MGL C90/S18: Failure to use care when turning. On 11/22/10 at about 3:47 pm, I was traveling northbound on North Pleasant st in Amherst, MA on my bike in a marked bike lane. A driver was traveling northbound on North Pleasant st in a 1996 Geo Prizm (MA plate 366DY7) and attempted to turn right into a private parking lot. The driver entered my bike lane, failing to yield, and hit me, causing me to be ejected from my bike. My bike sustained damage and I received several gashes and bruises from hitting the pavement. The driver was cited for MGL C90/S18: Failure to use care when turning, and her insurance paid for the bike to be rebuilt, a new camera, and medical bills.

The Cyclist's Revenge
Why would someone need a mirror, when not in use it?

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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