LS1 Datsun 280z Open Header and Borla Comparison

2.5 Inch Dual Crush Bent Borla 400286 Resonates ALOT at the lower rpms. Just another reason to downshift :)

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240z LS swap? Steps to get ya one
A lovely 1973 Datsun 240z made its way into my garage. The car was a blast, but the 2.4 6 cylinder with triple webers was not cutting it for me. Hmmm maybe I should put that LY6 I have on an engine stand in there..... Here is the result, and a couple key things to know going into a swap like this. Craigslist is your friend! P.S. the webcam didn't seem to like the Exhaust, it sounds much different in person, my other vid of it idling captures it closer. Wiring info - Build page for lurkin- rapforum#entry1140246

LS1/LS6 Datsun 280Z burnout and donuts
So it was long past time for new a last hurrah for these :)...lots of mods...see my other vids for more info.

LS1 Powered Datsun 280Z
This is a 78 Datsun 280Z powered by a Corvette all aluminum 5.7L LS1 V8 backed by the T56 6-Speed Transmission.

Junkyard Turbo Swap! Chevy-Powered 1971 Datsun 240Z Autocross Thrash - Roadkill Ep. 26
What do you get when you cross a rusted 1971 Datsun 240Z with a Chevy 4.3L V6 and a turbo from a Ford Power Stroke Diesel? The Rotsun! During Roadkill Episode 25, Freiburger and Finnegan revived the Rotsun expecting it to dominate in the 9-car autocross showdown of previous Roadkill project cars. It also needed to beat a 2014 Kia Rio 5, but failed to do so with the Rotsun shamefully breaking down before completing a decent lap. So in this episode: revenge. After swapping in the mismatched turbo and making nearly 400 rear-wheel horsepower, the guys head to the autocross at the Goodguys 5th Spring Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona and mingle with fans on their way to a rematch with that dastardly Kia. Roadkill appears on the Motor Trend channel. Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! Facebook -, & Twitter - & Google+ - Website - &