LS1 Datsun 280z Open Header and Borla Comparison

2.5 Inch Dual Crush Bent Borla 400286 Resonates ALOT at the lower rpms. Just another reason to downshift :)

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TZC Fall Show 2010: 280Z Red Widebody
This highly customized 280Z has a wild widebody kit, an impressively deep-looking paint job, and a lot of engine dress-up. This car won People's Choice.

450hp LS1 1978 Datsun 280Z
One of the coolest imports I've had the opportunity to see in action, this extremely streetable 1978 Datsun 280z takes it's first trip to the drag strip to do some testing. The car has an LS1 with heads, cam, and FAST intake manifold putting down around 450 wheel horsepower! Best 1/8 mile time was 7.11 for the night.

240z LS swap? Steps to get ya one
A lovely 1973 Datsun 240z made its way into my garage. The car was a blast, but the 2.4 6 cylinder with triple webers was not cutting it for me. Hmmm maybe I should put that LY6 I have on an engine stand in there..... Here is the result, and a couple key things to know going into a swap like this. Craigslist is your friend! P.S. the webcam didn't seem to like the Exhaust, it sounds much different in person, my other vid of it idling captures it closer. Wiring info - Build page for lurkin- rapforum#entry1140246

Datsun 280Z
Violon: Pierre-Maurice Lavoie Datsun 280z 1976: Antoine de Cardaillac Cinéaste: Bruno Lebel