LS1 Datsun 280z Open Header and Borla Comparison

2.5 Inch Dual Crush Bent Borla 400286 Resonates ALOT at the lower rpms. Just another reason to downshift :)

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260z Brake Failure - Jump, Roll & Fire
Pedal felt fine coming down the straight but the Z didn't slow down. Yanked the e-brake before going off track and grabbed my belts to avoid breaking any fingers. We estimate I was going 100+ mph and flew 86.5 feet. The landing and roll was surprisingly soft. Thankfully the ground and dirt there is very loose. I walked away with no bruises or back pain; only a sore/stiff neck. A fuel line connector snapped right above the headers which caused the fire. Initially I panicked when I first saw the fire and then said to myself "calm down, net, steering wheel, belts and dive."

LS1 Powered Datsun 280Z
This is a 78 Datsun 280Z powered by a Corvette all aluminum 5.7L LS1 V8 backed by the T56 6-Speed Transmission.

LS1/LS6 Datsun 280Z burnout and donuts
So it was long past time for new a last hurrah for these :)...lots of mods...see my other vids for more info.

TZC Fall Show 2010: 280Z Red Widebody
This highly customized 280Z has a wild widebody kit, an impressively deep-looking paint job, and a lot of engine dress-up. This car won People's Choice.