RIPS FED WORLD RB RECORD 7.14 180.94MPH Drag Combat 2012

After about 5 years of hard work we have run the quickest pass ever made by any vehicle powered by any size of RB. The engine is a fully streetable, fully water cooled RB30, it runs on petrol, the block is stock (no sleeves) stock RB30 crank, stock cradle, stock mains bolts, stock size 11mm head studs, RB26 head, Link G4 ecu, RIPS intake plenim, RIPS 90mm throttle body, RIPS Exhaust manifold, twin turbosmart wastegates, GTX45 turbo 35psi, 2 speed powerglide trans, 4.86 gears, MT 10.5 tyres.

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RIPS MGAWOT III first full run on the 28in tyres.
Fun day at Meremere, a very slippery 7.33 @ 191.5mph


RIPS FED 2nd elim 7.19 179.30mph Drag Combat 2012
Now we are getting somewhere, just 1/100th off the world record for quickest ever RB of any size in any chassis.

RIPS FED drag combat 2012, 3rd qual 7.40 179.14
Last qualifying run for the 10.5 class of the drag combat, the track is starting to feel better now and we are sure we'll be able to wind it up some more from now on.