Nissan maxima in fail safe mode

Codes p1229 P2122 P2138

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nissan maxima 3.5 camshaft position sensor or camshaft sensor
If I saved you a lot of cash why not help a brother out with a little donation it will be much appreciated thanks and God bless my PayPal account is daautofix@gmail thanks again😀 check engine light came on. played around with the car a little more. the car stalls. when shifting to reverse hard shift. when placing car in D hard shift. when you drive it, it starts off in 5th gear. when put into tiptronic mode the shifter reads has gear 5. now when driving i have only 2 gears in tiptronic mode. im assuming 5 and maybe 3 or 4. later on that day i turned the car on and everything went away, the hard crank, the stalling, and the weird shifting. the next day i turn the car on and all of the symptoms came back. i went to autozone and they read the ecm with a cam shaft position sensor in bank 2 as the issue. my only question is would the cam shaft positioning sensor cause the car to shift crazy and only have reverse and 2 gears? and all the things i have mentioned? and is there a way to reset the ecu to see if it really is a sensor or just a hiccup. im all ears for sugestions before i bring it to the dealership and fork out hundreds of dollars.

Nissan maxima in fail safe mode codes p1229 p2122 p2138
Replaced the throttle body and APP sensors but still won't get out of fail safe mode!

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2005 Nissan Pathfinder fail safe mode (SLOW ACCELERATION) Limp mode.
A fail safe mode that the ECM is throwing the tranny into. STUCK in 3rd gear. Not exceeding past 2500 RPM. Slow acceleration and dangerous as hell itself. Had the tranny swapped and radiator swapped 9 months ago. Worked fine until just recently. Unknown as to what the issue is. Searched online for hours on forums and found nothing but contradicting "fixes" such as (valve body replacement, solenoid replace, tranny, coolant leak into tranny fluid, ecm bad, ipdm bad, blah blah bullshit no-use "solutions" that aren't the solution to this issue.) Kick yourself for buying a Nissan. I did.