Cop doesnt know the law

I was pulled over by officer Rodriguez and officer Sexton of the DeLand, Fl Police Department after i was filming the 2 cops in this video. they tried to tell me to stop. I kept filming and then got in my car and was immediately pulled over and given bogus tickets. the cop tells me i have the option of not signing. then gives me a ticket for not signing. he never did allow me to sign the other 3 so they are void. and the one i signed was under duress because i was threatened with imprisonment and there were 2 officers there with there hands on their guns. there isnt even a statute or ordinance number on the "refusal to sign ticket". please send this video to every one you know and favorite it. thank you

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Police Dont like it , When A Blackman know his Rights Pt.1
Police Are Public Servants - Lets Hold'em Accountable !! Police Dont like it , When A Blackman know his Rights & Laws PART.2 Police are Public Servants & Took A Constitutional Oath to protect the Trust which is the community & " We The People" Need 2 hold them ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. ALL CRIMES ARE COMMERCIAL "27 CFR 72.11"

Law student makes police look stupid (win)
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LAPD v Black Man that Knows His Rights - No license, no tow!
This is the final video, where the COP's let me go after harassing me for almost two hours. LAPD without probable cause or party claiming invasion of a legal right, tried to steal (impound) my vehicle for the city's financial gain. They brought out 12 squad cars and an unknown amount of COP's in a show of force -too large for the outcome -that resulted in a simple parking ticket, that in itself is unlawful. If you don't know your rights, you will be taken advantage of. Visit to learn more!

NY State Police Don't Know The Law! More Bully Cops 09/25/15
When I started this journey of looking into the police I thought that there were only a few bad ones. Now I would love for someone to show a good one. Here the main trooper Fougere had a look of hate, anger and he clearly wanted to use violence. All because he did not get his way. He did not care what the supreme court has said. He doesn't care what the law is. These are the same people we give so much unchecked power too.... The second trooper Maniscalco just stood there and watched as the first trooper tried violating my rights. Did he speak up or stand up to the bad (ignorant) cop? No he just stood there watching. It took a Sgt. who was worried about making the lawsuit bigger. They don't care about the law and are too quick to resort to violence. I sincerely appreciate your support of my efforts, and my videos, thank you so much. Please click the PayPal Donate Link below to support my YouTube Channel: NVEGFJA Music by, Scott Holmes song Everest