1992 CAMARO z/28 25th anniversary

Third Gen F-body 1992 Chevrolet Camaro z28 25th anniversary Motor v6 transmission inside all stock add ons just a after market system

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1992 Camaro Z28 25th Anniversary Edition Walk-Around
SOLD $5k

Camaro 1992 z28
1992 25th Camaro z28

thirdgen fest 2014 camaro+firebird burnouts leaving

"am i PANTURAL" & "my BURNOUT" - HD
Has just learnt about HD. Simply i check HD of the codec. Please, see on HD :)..... To whom it is interesting - download high quality (wmv 150 mb...): http://files.wyw.ru/3690585 Cos I can will remove this video... all work time: 2 days... rendering all footage: 4 days... Было пару минут свободного времени и вот решил заснять чтото подобное для тем каму интересно и для тем кто меня не знает but, wishes to know:)....