The Awsome Veilside Fortune Bodykit for the RX-7


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custom 4 ROTOR RX7 SCOOT Build on the streets of Tokyo!
Our good friend takes his very special 4 Rotor SCOOT street build out for a meet in Tokyo! Full article here: 3s

Veilside fortune Rx-7
engine mods to this car on my other vid music by Paul Oakenfold

GarageFresh : "Militant" VeilSide RX-8
check out the full feature and story here : Video by : Riaz S. Ali | CultureShock Films Location : Brechin Castle, Couva. Trinidad & Tobago Track : Lane 8 - Nothing You Can Say (feat. Lucy Stone)

Mazda rx7 veilside fortune
My friends mazda rx7 veilside fortune Early car from Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift another video