1999 Honda VALKYRIE

Contact Cal Coast Motorsports. Located off the 101 and Victoria. Visit www.calcoastmotorsports.com for more information or call (805)-642-0900 Videography by Digital Elegance Productions, Randy James

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Honda Valkyrie Olek

Testimonial from David Garb after his experience with Motorcycle Communications
David gives testimonial of his experience with Motorcycle-communications. One Cool Bike - Honda Valkyrie - very customized, check it out!

3 16 10 6 Carbs, Cold Crank...

GoPro HD Summer Sunset Ride on the Honda Valkyrie (3:12)
Take a quick evening ride down the road into the warm summer sunset on the Honda Valkyrie 1500 F-6. Filmed with the GoPro Hero2 HD camera.