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Rally Jekabpils - Madona

Audi 80 Quattro


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Rallijs un Rallijsprints MADONA 2010
Latvian Rally Championship 2010 MADONA

Rallijsprints Jēkabpils-Madona 2011. AUDI Special
Audi lec, šķērē un spolē rallijsprintā Jēkabpils-Madona 2011. # 44 Ivars Velme (LAT) / Andris Velme (LAT) Audi 80 # 45 Edgars Piļka (LAT) / Igors Sidorovs (LAT) Audi Coupe # 54 Edgars Enkurs (LAT) / Ainars Jankovičs (LAT) Audi 80 # 55 Elmārs Aukšmuksts (LAT) / Vigo Rubenis (LAT) Audi Coupe # 56 Rimants Kalniņš (LAT) / Jānis Siliņš (LAT) Audi 80 # 57 Kaspars Breijers (LAT) / Gaidars Auns (LAT) Audi 90 # 59 Ints Jeršovs (LAT) / Jānis Teteris (LAT) Audi 90

Audi Quattro Fazination Rally Pure Sound and Action
Audi Quattro Fazination Rally Pure Sound and Action the Audi Quattro was the first rally car to take advantage of the then-recently changed rules which allowed the use of four-wheel drive in competition racing. It won competition after competition for the next two years. To commemorate the success of the original vehicle, all subsequent Audis with their trademark quattro four-wheel-drive system were badged "quattro" with a lower case "q" and in a distinct typeface which has remained nearly unchanged since its inception THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SUBSCRIBE!!!

Audi Quattro CRASH by G.Balgalvis in Rally Kekava 2007 (Kasp Production)
Here is some old video from Rally Kekava 2007, when G.Balgalvis and L.Kaktins crashed their sport Audi Quattro. But after thar rebuild in 4 week new car and startet in next rally. Amazing.

LRC Rally Kurzeme 2010 by Kasp Production
Rally Kurzeme 2010, 27-28 august, Liepaja, Latvia, WRC SS1 SS2 SS4 SS6 SS7 SS9. Amazing Jumps, turns, powerslides ect. By Kasp Production. Intro by R.Kadikis

LADA crash

Gatis Balgalvis Sky kauss 2009 by K.Ozols
Gatis Balgalvis Sky kauss Birzgale 2009 aizkadri un onboard rallijs

Audi Urquattro Klausner Christof Rallye de Luxembourg 2013
Audi Urquattro Klausner Christof Rallye de Luxembourg 2013

Greičio linija. Jēkabpils - Madona rally 2011

Rallijs Jekabpils-Madona Audi 80.wmv
Kapsula dod pa Jekabpili :)

Audi 80 Quattro 16v Turbo Donuts
Chribbe Gör lite donuts med Audin.

Audi Quattros in rally Latvija 2007
Various Audi Quattros in rally Latvija 2007

Audi Quattro Gr.4 & Porsche 911 SC Gr.4 - Rally Franciacorta 2014
Here a little special dedicated to 2 beautiful cars present at the 6th Franciacorta Rally 2014, we're talking about the glorious Auri UR Quattro and the Porsche 911 SC, both group 4. Say what you wont, but the rally car with a "few years on the shoulders" are always the most spectacular. Look at the Audi Exhaust's flames.... and...beware the wall... :-D Piccolo speciale dedicato a 2 splendide vetture presenti al 6° Rally di Franciacorta 2014, una gloriosa Auri UR Quattro ed una Porsche 911 SC, entrambe gruppo 4. Dite quello che volete, ma le auto da rally con qualche anno sulle spalle sono sempre le più spettacolari. Guardate le fiamme dagli scarichi e....occhio al muretto! :-D

Rallijs Jēkabpils-Madona 2011
Latvian Rally Championship 4rd stage 1.Georg Gross EST 2.Deividas Jocius LIT 3.Andis Neikšāns LAT

Rallye Team Rehberg Schmidt Audi 80 Quattro Typ85
Rallye Team Rehberg Schmidt+Audi 80 Quattro+Typ85

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