Focus RS Mk2 2009 400+BHP Monster with Milltek Sport Turbo Back De Cat Exhaust from Pumaspeed

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Hotlaps mit dem neuen Ford Focus RS! Fahrer: Rupert Schachinger, Markus Fehlbauer, Hans Schachinger, Michael Blümel u. Dieter Svepes.

600Bhp Focus RS!! with Screamer Pipe
Any pointless comments about this car not having 600Bhp will be removed, you can't judge power from a video, especially one on public roads, if you doubt it you can look on my channel for a Dyno video. Thanks. The 600bhp Ford Focus RS, Blue Rocket, made an appearance mid way through winter hibernation. It is Nick Moore's Ford Focus Rs, also known as Blue Rocket. Made 608bhp at the flywheel and 577 lb/ft torque. Rough Specs: Forged 2.5 Duratec Engine, running JS550 map with Meth Injection Garrett turbo BoostJunky Exhaust Wortec Brakes Compomotives With thanks to Nick Moore.

Focus RS Mk2 Milltek Exhaust System SCC Performance 385 conversion
SCC have teamed up with the very best in the industry for this breath-taking conversion... 385bhp Conversion •Superchips - For the Custom SCC Spec Stg 3 File Bluefin •Milltek Sport - For the turbo Back Exhaust System - with Sport Cat (keeping everything road-legal) *Option for de-cat also available* •Pro Alloy - For The WRC Spec Alloy Intercooler •Bosch - For the custom SCC Spec 550cc Injectors (The Standard Injectors Max out at 350bhp) •GGR - For their Carbon Fibre Cold Air Induction System This conversion has been mapped to a sensible level that has a useable map and perhaps sacrifices peak bhp figures for a healthy increase throughout the rev range, this doesn't adversely affect the driveability of the car and works to preserve the powertrain so that an average user can continue to use the car as intended.

Golf GTI W12 650 - Starten des Motors
Der Motor des GTI W12 650 wird angelassen :-D.